Anti-bullying organization creating positive films to help kids and adults



Amrak, an anti-bully organization based in Orlando, is working on film projects to reverse the negative experience of a child or adult who has dealt with bullying. Amrak is karma spelled backwards.

Sean Roberts, the organization’s founder, said Amrak’s messages of hope and change are already being presented at schools, community centers, via social media and other media outlets.

“We do this by using the negative experiences as a tool to help people grow and to help others. We allow kids and adults who have been bullied to be in music videos and film projects we produce,” he said.

This allows the person who has been bullied to build their self-esteem and the self-esteem of others, Roberts noted.

A new Amrak film to be released in the spring is titled “My New Family,” which focuses on a girl being bullied at home by her parents due to their drug use.

“It’s a story about demons and angels. The family has its demons, and the daughter has a guardian angel who cannot help the girl because she doesn’t ask God for help,’’ Roberts said. “It’s a story of life and the decisions that we make that can make a great life for us or a bad one. The film is a positive film to uplift people.’’

Amrak was created six years ago from a bullying experience Roberts had while helping someone in the entertainment industry.

“I assisted getting music, dance and acting talent. While assisting at the premiere, another person tried to take credit for the premiere without acknowledging that I had anything to do with the project,” he related.

“This upset me because of the amount of effort and work I put into the project. As result, I decided to produce my own film called Karma. The name was later changed to Amrak.’’

“I wrote and produced the first film with volunteers who had either been bullied or knew someone who had. It took years to produce, but eventually it premiered it at Universal Studios Theater at CityWalk AMC in Orlando. The film featured young people who were bullied,’’ Roberts said.

Roberts has shared his antibullying message in Florida theater venues but he’s hoping for a national reach.

“Amrak focuses on a person’s God-given talents and uses that as a tool to make them better and others better. It’s an all-positive experience with us because we are changing and saving lives, from a person or person’s bad experiences,” he added.

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