This Father’s Day, the Florida Courier recognizes its male staffers. Some are dads, some are father figures. We salute them for their dedication to carrying out the newspaper’s goal of “Sharing Black Life, Statewide.”

Publisher Charles W. Cherry II and Charles W. Cherry III
Glenn, Charles Sr., Charles II, 2003
CEO Dr. Glenn W. Cherry and Jamal Cherry
Meeting Charles III (“Wig”) for the first time, 2004
To Charles W. Cherry, Sr., 1928-2004: We fight daily to keep the charge assigned to us. Asking, “What would Daddy do?” allows your wisdom to defy time and eternity, as you continue to guide us. We love you, and think about you every day. The Cherry Family
J. Michael McKay, Sales
Duane C. Fernandez, Photojournalist
Andreas Butler, Reporter, and Andreas Butler, Jr.
Eugene Leach and Mr. John, Central Florida circulation
Chicago Jones, Statewide Circulation Manager
Willie Neal and Eddie Rumph, South Florida circulation


Devon Williams, Sun Coast circulation
Robert Wilson, Duval County circulation


Willie Kittles, Central Florida and Daytona Times Circulation


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