A home for Tommie



One Church One Child of Florida is reaching out to families and individuals in communities across the state in efforts to help find permanent homes for children.

Children featured in this spotlight are waiting for a permanent home and/or mentor. They have no family identified to adopt them.

Hundreds of children, including Tommie, who is highlighted in this article, are in need of a family to call their own; many of them are minorities.

Meet Tommie
Tommie is an active, inquisitive kid who loves family and having fun. He’s a diligent student who strives for good grades, and he especially enjoys reading.

He likes sports of all kinds, but he’s particularly good at football and dodge ball. He’s a natural leader and would make a great coach or mentor one day.

As it is, Tommie looks forward to being a dad and having a family of “all boys plus a girl.” Family is incredibly important to him, and he’s eager to become part of one.

For more information about becoming an adoptive or foster parent, mentor, partner or volunteer, call 1-888-283- 0886 or send an email to info@ococfl.org. The website for One Church One Child of Florida is www.ococfl.org. www.ococfl. org.



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