Trump thinks Kim is equally susceptible to idle flattery


According to the Washington Post, “(S)ince their historic first meeting in Singapore last June, the two leaders (Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un) have adopted a strategy of playing to each other’s ego with gushing and gratuitous adoration in pursuit of their aims.”

They actually take pains to show how much they’re in love. But, after Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga showed what that looks like at the Oscars, nobody’s buying what Trump and Kim are selling.

‘Fell in love’

Last year at a rally in West Virginia, Trump announced that, while exchanging letters and holding their Singapore summit, he and Kim  “fell in love.” As I wrote in October 2018, “Nothing betrays [the delusional, existential recklessness Trump’s protestation of love reflects] quite like North Korea’s foreign minister declaring mere hours before that rally that, no matter how much he strokes Trump’s ego, Kim will never go all the way. …In other words, Trump has a greater chance of getting Mexico to pay for that wall than he has of getting North Korea to even think about giving up its nukes.”

Sure enough, here’s what happened last week, according to the New York Times:

President Trump and Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, abruptly ended their second summit meeting on Thursday after talks collapsed with the two leaders failing to agree on any steps toward nuclear disarmament or measures to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula. …

The premature end to the negotiations leaves the unusual rapprochement between the United States and North Korea that has unfolded for most of a year at a deadlock, with the North retaining both its nuclear arsenal and facilities believed to be producing additional fissile material for warheads.

Touring Vietnam

While Trump flew off to take a cold shower back in America, Kim was smoking a cigarette and planning sightseeing tours around Vietnam. Who do you think is zooming who in their “Brokeback” bromance? Hint: One of them has now flown halfway across the world twice just to be “catfished.”

You might wonder why this master of “The Art of the Deal” had no clue. But the greater wonder might be why commentators, conservatives and liberals alike, are hailing him for “walking away from a bad deal.”

Sadly, the latter merely reflects Trump’s Orwellian dumbing down of political debate around the world. These are the same commentators who bought into his self-aggrandizing folly of demanding praise for lowering nuclear tensions on the Korean peninsula, which he himself was responsible for raising in the first place. Remember “fire and fury?”

Now they’re buying into his self-aggrandizing folly of demanding praise for walking away from this deal. No president with half a brain would have flown halfway across the world to (try to) ‘consummate’ it in the first place.

Trump got nothing

It’s cringe-inducing to watch Kim jerking Trump around so much. Most notably, he got this chump to scale back joint U.S.South Korean military exercises. And Trump made a mockery of U.S. intelligence agencies (again) by swallowing Kim’s line that he knew nothing about the infamous torture of Otto Warmbier hook, line, and sinker.

And all Trump can say is that he got Kim to stop testing nukes that no longer need testing. (Reports are that Kim is actually increasing his arsenal. He figures that as long as he continues stroking Trump’s ego, Trump won’t care how many nukes he develops.) Kim might agree that he would stop calling Trump “a dotard” if Trump stops calling him “Rocket Man.”

The ass backwardness of the tail wagging the dog does not fully capture the perversity and ramifications of Trump’s ignominy.

Trump a ‘moron’

Regarding having a brain, Trump fixer Michael Cohen testified last week that Trump ordered him to threaten the heads of every school Trump attended with dire consequences if they ever released his transcripts. This from the “con man” who insisted that the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency depended on him showing his birth certificate and his school transcripts.

That trademark hypocrisy aside, Trump clearly fears the public having documentary evidence that shows what is so plain to see: that he’s a friggin’ moron.

It is practically impossible to write about Trump without denouncing him as an international laughingstock. But whenever I do, I concede that the joke is on us because he’s the president of the United States and leader of the free world.

Anthony L. Hall is a native of The Bahamas with an international law practice in Washington, D.C. Read his columns and daily weblog at Click on this commentary at to write your own response.


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