Trump helps Dems rule Blacks by fear


01-glenford02Donald Trump has added new levels of sleaze and maniacal White Know-Nothingism to the U.S. electoral farce – which makes him a very useful man.

Republicans can blame Trump for pulling the bar of their party’s racial discourse down to sewer levels.  But Trump is even more useful to liberals and Democrats of all kinds.

He is the guy who makes the other evils appear lesser.  Democrats have surely found their “trump” card in The Donald, whose singular rhetorical non-flourishes make Democrats look MLK-like in comparison.

Pointless politics
Electoral politics in the United States is comparison-shopping at its most pointless, with Wall Street vetting the choices offered by both parties. One of them must be The White Man’s Party.

When the Republican Party emerged in the decade before the Civil War, the Democrats made sure to label it the “Black” party, even though Abraham Lincoln and many of his colleagues would have preferred that free Blacks be deported.

The Democrats retained their status as the White Man’s Party in the South through the Franklin Roosevelt New Deal years until 1948, when South Carolina’s Strom Thurmond briefly bolted the party to protest Northern members pushing a civil rights plank in the platform.

Dixiecrats rebelled again in 1964, opting for Goldwater Republicanism. Richard Nixon sealed the deal in the 1968 election with his “Southern strategy,” effectively transferring the White Man’s Party brand to the Republicans.

Looking for protection
There is no Black people’s party. There have been some brief efforts at independent Black electoral politics, but they have all become imprisoned in the bifurcated muck of the Democratic Party vs. The White Man’s (Republican) Party – with Wall Street reigning over both.

The subtext of the Black electoral conversation, since the founding of the Republic, has always been about protection: which party is more willing to protect Black people from the worst excesses of the most aggressive White supremacists?

Fear of Republicans holds Black people captive to the Democratic Party, not high ideals or a shared worldview or a Democratic track record of service to the group that makes up about a quarter of its members. It all boils down to fear of the “crackers” that gather under the Republican brand.

A few benefit
A small Black elite actually derives some benefits from ties to the Democratic Party: patronage jobs, contracts, discretionary grants, entrée to corporate boardrooms, etc. They are afraid of losing their precarious privileges, and terrified of the instability that might result if the masses of poor Black people, especially the youth, lost their fear.

The Black elite cling to the Democratic Party like a lifeboat. But that ship is not, and cannot possibly be, bound for freedom.

Black Democrats know this, but they have signed on with Captain Clinton, or whomever the Party assigns, in dread of Donald Trump and the Republican pirates. The same thing will happen, with different captains, the next election cycle.

Maintenance of the Democratic Party amounts to preservation of the racially bifurcated Wall Street duopoly in perpetuity – and to perpetual fear. We must build a mass Black movement that is not just independent of the two corporate parties, but opposed to them.

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  1. I disagree that the democratic party is for the black elites, sure some of them, but the reason that blacks are turned off to the GOP is that it is the well to do black elite that garners their support. Successful african americans often look down on other poorer african americans. Slavery existed for africans by africans long before whites.

    The democratic party is still the party of blacks mainly because they prevent cuts to social services although some cave in, including the so called moderates. The republican party believes that catering to the corporate elite and cutting social services is the key as well as religion. Folks like carson and tim scott, buy into the republican policies and act like blacks are fools when the struggling single mother is lambasted for not remaining with her husband, called a welfare hog on a couple hundred dollars a month of benefits, and can’t afford medical co-pays or her medication, and can’t find a willing doctor, while more tax cuts for the rich, cuts in social services, and tax breaks for married,religious, and middle-class folks as well as increased entitlements are enabled, while ignoring the “working poor” who account for a large percentage of medicaid and food stamps.

    The problem isn’t the democrats and wall street per say, its the particularly usually white democrats who let blacks down and ignore things such as criminal justice reform, prison reform,etc. Things such as the prison litigation reform act went down in congress despite hearings that were actually held, biden and to an extent clinton help incarcerate more blacks also due to the drug war.

    While I am not advocating more radical social policies, it does seem that the democratic party establishment which is usually white does not bring the issues to the table. However. it is a better party for the blacks but a more drastic change seems to have been off the table until now, atleast partially.

    Folks like Rand Paul, are not helpful to blacks, partially so, but rand paul’s federalism blaming the feds and not the state and local governments for the crises is misleading, aka repeal civil rights act, anyone. Furthermore to play the fool, to say let’s cut defense and not be the world’s policeman, and then say well let’s increase defense but cut welfare and not borrow money from china or let’s cut aid to israel and let them be independent, or let’s increase it, doesn’t play with voters.

    There is of course african immigrants who are lauded for being more successful then native african americans but some immigrants may have skills, a supportive family, and look down on other blacks in addition may not assimilate as well but could be respectful, however certain immigrant blacks often have the same social issues also.

    Carson lies by saying he won’t cut the social safety net while his mother was on it, the GOP has cut the social safety net and pretends that it is “lavish,ripe with fraud, when lets cut 1000 for every 1 person fraud, and nearly all folks don’t work”. The 1996 welfare reform bill was a GOP yeah let’s pretend that we didn’t make it unworkable in the first place. I don’t see how a $150 a month in some places with stringent welfare-reform,work, and propaganda makes it. TANF was never inflation adjusted, and had unequal benefits throughout states from say under $200 to nearly $1,000.


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