Time to step up, Black man!

It is time for the Black man to step up his game! African-American males should not let Black women carry the Black cross alone!

In a way, brothers missed their calling in 2017. When it came time to stand up, many Black men chose to bow down. When it came time to speak out, many fathers and brothers were as quiet as church mice. When it came time to fight for Black rights, the men in the hood threw in the towel, so to speak!

Out front
In 2017, Black women were on the frontlines! Sisters were out front in community activism, out front in protests, out front in marches, and out front in community organizing.

Black women from coast to coast took part in rallies and other events for women’s rights, children’s rights, student rights and family rights.

African-American women thrived in business creations, business development and business successes.

In 2017, God sent us a bunch of modern-day Harriet Tubmans, Fannie Lou Hammers, Ida Wells and Shirley Chisholms.

Politically speaking, in New Jersey, Virginia, Oklahoma, Missouri and other states, Black women showed up and showed out!

In Alabama, Black women led the charge to elect the first Democratic US senator in decades and sent a racist pedophile back to his backwoods cotton patch defeated and downhearted!

Wonderful women
Yes, I’m proud of Black women. Not only are sisters “Wonder Women,” they are wonderful women. They took care of business in the streets, in the suites and still had time to work it in the sheets!

If brothers don’t get their lives and minds together, Black women will expand their historical roles.

Men shouldn’t want their women to be the breadwinner in the family. Men shouldn’t want their woman to run their businesses all of the time. Men shouldn’t want their woman to be full-time protectors and providers.

Weak men, sorry men and scary men are already in trouble of reversed roles.

You know some
Don’t act like you don’t know any Black men being pimped by their wife or girlfriend. The women have to give these guys a place to stay and a ride in their cars. They have to dress docile men. They take money from the guys and manage their budgets!

Step up, Black man! Every queen does much better with a great king! 

Black men have to respect Black women, trust Black women, value the opinions of Black women, encourage Black women and defend Black women!

Thank you, ladies, for a job well done. I love you and look forward to your continued rise in 2018.  
Tell me what I can do to help you help our people!

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