Teens win computers for their ‘Big Idea’

Computer Mentors Group of Tampa held its annual Teen Business Challenge Feb. 18 and 19 at the Ybor City campus of Hillsborough Community College.

The Blue Team won the Team Business Challenge last month hosted by Computer Mentors Group of Tampa.

The challenge is an annual event where teens challenge themselves over a weekend of creation, competition and community. Teens submit applications for entry and are then nominated by their mentors, guided by instructors and coaches, motivated by each other and empowered with skills and tech to compete. 

The teens were placed into one of four teams of five teens each. They competed in four challenges, which included “The Big Idea,” “The Biz Model,’’ “MVP” (Minimum Viable Product), and “The Pitch.’’

The winning team was made up of Bruce Wilson, Hamza Chouaibi, John Walton, Joseph Gutschmidt and Odette Del Valle. They led the “Big Idea” challenge with an idea that would save lives by encouraging safe teen driving. 

Each winning team member received a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet and keyboard worth over $1,000 each.  But all of the students left as winners because they received a Windows 10 tablet computer they used throughout the competition.


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