Shifting Towards a New Foundation



The effort to preserve Bethune-Cookman University is in full swing and is being waged on many fronts. Collectively, we will be able to address many of the financial and reputational issues by each of us taking our respective places and doing what we can individually.

While the administration is working to address accreditation and operational concerns, alumni and friends have gathered in several fundraising initiatives to assist with pressing financial challenges. These challenges include securing funds for general operations, student scholarships, and strengthening the endowment.

The “Shifting Towards a New Foundation” and “We are Our Answer” campaigns are working in tandem to respond specifically to these issues. The Shifting Towards a New Foundation campaign has a goal of raising $7.5 million, to be used for two purposes; funding for need-based scholarships and strengthening the endowment. This initiative has four components, three of which — the Brick Project, Millionaire’s Club and I Leave You Love campaigns — will be used to close the gap for students who lack sufficient resources to meet their tuition and other expenses. The fourth component, targeting Major Gifts, will secure donations which will be directed towards replenishing the endowment.

The “We Are Our Answer” campaign is an exciting initiative begun by faculty and staff alumni who are current employees of B-CU. This campaign is designated for operational costs as we seek to stabilize financial operations. Gifts made to We Are Our Answer are unrestricted; and funds will go directly to the area of greatest need. Dr. Camesha Whittaker-Manzueta is leading this alumni cohort in giving back to the institution that has given so much to generations of Wildcats.

We are excited that our team is working on all fronts to ensure that Bethune-Cookman University will remain the beacon of light that it has been for 115 years.

Our alumni, friends and supporters are urged to participate in one or all of the campaigns at a level that is most comfortable. In this effort, no gift is too small to help us secure the foundation of Bethune-Cookman University for future generations.

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