Rule provides extra pay for state workers on storm duty



Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration on Tuesday issued an emergency rule that will allow mid-level managers in state agencies to get paid for extra hours they work because of Hurricane Dorian.

The rule will allow employees to get paid for the “critical services” they provide to the public in hurricane preparation and recovery.

Dorian remained a life-threatening storm Tuesday as it was forecast to skirt the state’s East Coast. Under the emergency rule, employees whose local offices shut down due to the storm would still be able to get paid if they travel and work where needed. 

The rule applies to employees who serve at the bureau chief level, or equivalent, officials say. 

Employees will get paid their normal rate if they are “directed to work hours in excess of the contracted hours in the regular work period in response to an unforeseen extraordinary event,” according to the rule filed by the Florida Department of Management Services. 

“The procedure is fair in that it temporarily provides all agencies with the ability to provide necessary compensation to the additional employees that need to be deployed for the purpose of avoiding the prevention, hindrance; or delay of action coping with the emergency,” the rule states.


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