Refugees are fleeing American aggression


00-margaretkimberlyThe ongoing migrant crisis in Europe is a direct result of American and NATO interventions and aggressions in the Middle East. Had those partners in crime not exacted regime change in Libya, that country would not be a magnet for human trafficking and an embarkation point for desperate people.

The plan to produce the same result in Syria has failed thus far, but there is still chaos and suffering on a mass scale. These refugees exist because of imperialism, which has laid waste to nation after nation.

Pressure governments
Millions of people around the world are asking how they can help the refugees now streaming into Europe. Personal generosity may seem commendable, but in this case it ought to be discouraged.

The individuals who want to help should instead spend time demanding that their governments cease intervening in the affairs of other nations. They should also demand that the truth of imperialist guilt be exposed.

Americans were largely unaware of the growing crisis until images of dead children appeared in the media. In particular the photograph of two year-old Aylan Kurdi, who drowned on a beach off the coast of Turkey, will go down in history as an image that brought this crisis to international attention.

The Kurdi family was trying to flee a region of Syria overrun by ISIS when the mother and two children drowned. An estimated 2,500 others have also died in attempts to reach Europe.

No mystery
The corporate media cover the journeys of the would-be migrants and act as though the cause of the catastrophe is somehow mysterious. They never state what is true and obvious – that the Western nations created this misery. They and their allies among the Persian Gulf monarchies are entirely to blame.

The United States and other NATO governments have not been shy in exposing their support for so-called rebels in Syria and continue to utter the loathsome phrase, “Assad must go.”

In the topsy-turvy immoral universe of the United States, it is acceptable to destroy Syria without one word of condemnation coming from the nation’s editorial pages. Instead, politicians and the press repeat their lies. When they speak of war at all, they lay blame at the feet of the Syrian government – which has a right to defend its territory and sovereignty.

Many dead
The sight of the dead child seemed to galvanize what other horror stories could not. More than 200 people drowned near the Libyan city of Zuwarah at the same time that the Kurdis attempted their escape. Some 70 bodies of refugees were discovered suffocated in a truck in Austria.

The reactions of horror are understandable, but they must be met with simple but powerful actions.

First, it must be stated unequivocally that these are “regime change” refugees. They would be living peacefully in their native lands if NATO and their henchmen hadn’t destroyed their countries.

Secondly, call out the liars. The politicians, so-called journalists and “humanitarian” organizations have political agendas that never blame the true culprits.

Call out racism
Racism must be exposed as well. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban openly said, “Please don’t come,” and added for good measure that he didn’t want too many Muslims to enter his country.

Orban said out loud what other European leaders say behind closed doors. He has merely expressed in public what others say in private: non-White people need not apply.

While officials in Washington, London and Paris dissemble because their hands are dirty, the corporate media ratchet up the call to “do something.” If they did their jobs, they would tell readers and viewers why families with small children risk their lives in unseaworthy boats.

Instead, they all call for more war. They repeat official propaganda and make up some of their own.

The unrelenting effort at regime change in Syria is the cause of this crisis and more destruction will only increase the awful toll on human beings.

Make demands
Sending money to aid organizations is an easy out. Democratic nations are supposed to respond to popular demand. The people of Europe and the United States should therefore start demanding that their nations cease the entire imperial project, and not just in Syria.

Aylan Kurdi is not the only child killed by intervention and invasion. Children are dead in Somalia and Gaza and Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and in Syria, too.

Sadly, there will be more unless those who claim to be horrified actively oppose their own leaders who are all accessories to many crimes.

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