Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 338


Morehouse College – A friend of mine told me that whenever I get back from Atlanta after visiting my beloved alma mater, I’m motivated, charged up, and ready to get at it. She’s right, especially this year. If you can’t get charged up when you are in the room as two people drop $1 million apiece in the bank account of your favorite HBCU, you must be dead.

Does one person donating $1 million make my modest monthly donation to Morehouse meaningless? Of course not. People, we must understand that the percentage of alumni giving to HBCUs is much more important than large gifts that may come once in a lifetime. Big money donors are being asked to give all the time. Why should they give to an HBCU when its graduates won’t even bother to support the institution that they ‘love’ so much?

And it’s ridiculous and embarrassing that even the best HBCUs – including my own Morehouse – have no more than 30 percent of its alumni to give even $1 a year to their respective institutions. As Dr. Willie Kimmons writes on page A5, if we continue down that road of abject negligence, there won’t be any HBCUs left…

Run John Run! So if John Monds becomes the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president; I vote for him in the general election rather than the Democratic candidate I’m supposed to vote for; and the Democrats lose – am I a traitor to the race? No. Just a free Black mind…

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