Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 332

jazz band

The best high school jazz band in the land – is the pride of Fort Lauderdale, the Dillard Jazz Ensemble housed at the Dillard Center for the Arts at Dillard High School. (Full disclosure: I’m the proud dad of Charles W. Cherry III, a ninth-grade trumpet player who played his first solo in Band No. 2 under the demanding oversight of band leader Christopher Dorsey.)

Along with a full house of jazz aficionados, I attended the band’s spring concert over the weekend. They are all tremendously talented. Their top band (they have three) will be on the way to Lincoln Center in New York City (see the page A1 center picture).

Also congrats to pianist Miles Lennox, the winner of the national Dr. J. Douglas White Student Composition and Arranging Contest. His composition will be recorded by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis. What an achievement!

Amendment 4 – I mentioned during the November 2018 election campaign that the fight wouldn’t be over, even if the restoration of rights provision passed.

There’s a fight going on in Tallahassee as to whether fees and restitution must be paid before voting rights are restored. But here’s something else to think about.

Amendment 4 is being interpreted as a restoration of VOTING rights, not FULL rights. What do I mean? It doesn’t let ex-felons serve on juries, run for public office, or own a gun. If that’s true, why didn’t the drafters of Amendment 4 include a restoration of ALL rights?

Now the Republicans are trying to make it even harder to pass a constitutional amendment by raising the required vote from 60 percent to 66 percent-plus. It’s a naked power grab by the Florida Legislature, maybe to prevent people from rethinking and fixing Amendment 4…

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