Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 328

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Long time no column! Seems like politics is still the shiny object that keeps Black folks’ attention from where it should be: economics.

My litmus test ‒ In the immortal words of Gangsta Boo, “Where dem dollas at?” Columnist Lucius Gantt has beaten up the political parties for decades about the billions of campaign dollars that have bypassed Black me
dia, Black political consultants, Black sign printers, Black caterers, et.al.

I’m a third-generation entrepreneur. CASH is my metric. If Democrats want to reciprocate in appreciation for the 90 percent of the Black vote they generally get from us, spend money with Black-owned companies. That ain’t difficult…

‘Black faces in high places’ ‒ Want a resolution for a family reunion, an apology for a racial atrocity (without financial compensation), a statue the state won’t pay for, or a memorial street sign on a state highway? Call a Democratic state legislator. But if you want some legislation passed, if you want to get in the state budget, find yourself a Republican in Tallahassee.

Florida Democrats must LOVE to lose. Their lack of long-term strategic thinking regarding gerrymandering/reapportionment, voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts has made them a permanent minority party in Florida. Losing the 2018 race during a national “blue wave” lets you know how especially incompetent Florida Democratic leadership truly is.

We have more Black Democratic state legislators than any time in Florida history. Why? Because Florida Republicans packed Black voters into a handful of predominately-Black districts, which allows the GOP to win easily everywhere else and keep control of the state House and Senate. Therefore, Black Democrats can only work the margins of legislation and budgets. Like all Democrats, they get locked out of the room when serious deals are cut and get what Republicans give them.

It’s time to judge them by the key metric: “Where dem dollas at?” Y’all need to figure out how to win SOMETHING. And if you can’t get dem dollas for us, what use are you?

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