Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 305

GOP inmates now run the Republican asylum – I’m loving what I see in the Grand Old Party these days.

This week, Alabama’s Republican voters anointed ‘Judge’ Roy Moore – a gun-toting, radical Christian fundamentalist who doesn’t understand the federal Constitution and should have flunked out of law school – as their favored Senate candidate, despite Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell spending millions of dollars to defeat Moore.

McConnell, whose implacable Day One opposition to Barack Obama helped birth the GOP’s Frankenstein monster, the Tea Party, is now Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s political brother from another mother. ‘Bama Republicans hate McConnell as much (or more) than they hate Pelosi!

Excellent! The GOP deserves the coming intraparty beatdown it’s giving itself, and it’s just the beginning.

Rather than expanding the party to youth and non-Whites as recommended in a national 2012 post-election “autopsy” that’s now on the trash heap, Republicans sold their collective souls to control all three branches of government. I’ve often said that sometimes when you get what you pray for, it’s nothing nice…

Democrats should be renamed the “Junior Varsity” Party – A front page article this week reiterates what we already know: that Dems won’t spend campaign money on Black folks, their most loyal voting base – with predictably disastrous results. As if you need another example, Democrats are dithering and waffling about whether to spend money in Alabama – a state that is almost 30 percent Black – to win the Senate seat against Moore. You can’t win if all you want to do is sit on the bench crying and whining…

Is King Don’s Katrina moment coming? Damage among various Caribbean islands is so vast that only the military can handle it, and they should be tasked with the primary mission of getting water and food to the people, then getting power back on line – with FEMA in a supporting role. In the interim, FEMA should “rent” every available cruise ship and evacuate the elderly, pregnant women, and children to South Florida.

The U.S. has a 1,000-bed military hospital ship, the “Comfort,” that King Don just ordered sent to Puerto Rico, but it won’t arrive till late next week. He was too busy tweeting about those “SOB” NFL’ers, I guess, to send it any earlier.

And I heard FEMA Director Brock Long say on the Weather Channel that FEMA is “supporting Americans in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.” Everyone who lives on those islands ain’t American. Will they get help? Or does “America first” apply there, too?

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