Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 270


00-charlescherry2ISIS – I watch Al Jazeera America news for a different international viewpoint. Their analysts speak about how conditions in Europe radicalize Muslim youth: high unemployment in slum-ridden, violent neighborhoods, poor schools, cultural alienation, fear, racism. They become easy prey for radical Islamic terrorist recruiters, despite being raised in hard-working, two-parent immigrant households. Change “Muslim” to “Black American,” and “ISIS” to “street gangs,” and you have a similar ‘radicalization’ process in America. Except some ‘radicalized’ Black youth wage ‘jihad’ against each other, with innocent bystanders as collateral damage…

Florida Classic – FAMU Rattlers are some of the worst HBCU fans. They won’t support Rattler football during “down” years. When the Marching ‘100’ was suspended due to Robert Champion’s hazing death, Rattlers deserted the team. B-CU ALWAYS has as many at the Classic as FAMU, despite the fact FAMU’s alumni number in the tens of thousands just in Florida. And as usual, Rattlers leave early – usually right after halftime – while ‘Cats stay to the bitter end, win or lose.

This year, there was  a general “chippiness,” as the football announcers say, during the game. There were scuffles on the field, and B-CU’s team looked like it was constantly ready to run onto the field to ‘defend’ their teammates.

The halftime band announcer trash talk was a distraction. Then the ‘100’ marching band formed a military tank and fired a ‘shot’ at B-CU’s band standing in the end zone, with fire extinguisher ‘smoke’ from the tank’s ‘barrel.’ Did anyone remember that two B-CU students were killed and one seriously injured in a murder/suicide involving a real gun just months ago?

More Classic thoughts next week…

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