Racial and ethnic impacts of bill to be considered

Florida Senate
Sen. Randolph Bracy


The Florida Senate will work with Florida State University’s College of Criminology & Criminal Justice to analyze the racial and ethnic impacts of proposed criminal-justice legislation, Sen. Randolph Bracy, D-Orlando, said Thursday.

The partnership adds a new element in the Senate’s longstanding process of committee staff members analyzing proposed legislation.

Bracy proposed including a “racial and ethnic impact statement” to the analyses that would detail whether legislation would have a disproportionate impact on racial or ethnic groups, according to an announcement Thursday.

The FSU College of Criminology & Criminal Justice will provide information needed to include the racial and ethnic impacts in analyses. The announcement said Bracy approached Senate President Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, about the idea.

“The publication of such information represents a key step toward delineating the extent of any racial inequality or bias perpetuated by the policies we consider as a legislative body,” Bracy said in a prepared statement.

“At present, our process for vetting legislation allows us to weigh the monetary costs and benefits of each proposal at hand, often emphasizing a bill’s fiscal impact from the very onset of the legislative process. The consideration of data that highlights a bill’s civic, cultural, and social impact, not only encourages fairness, but also renders a more comprehensive and conscientious legislative vetting process.”


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