Paradise lost and found


A lot of animals got saved in Florida as Hurricane Irma blazed a path of destruction that stretched from the coast of Africa to the Gulf of Mexico.

Dogs got saved. Cats got saved. A beached dolphin and a manatee were even rehabbed and placed back into the ocean waters.

However, several humans lost their lives before, after and during one of the largest storms in history!

Everyone affected
Almost everybody in the state of Florida was impacted in some way by Hurricane Irma.
Florida, perhaps, needs to do a Klan check. There are so many White supremacist groups in the Sunshine State, I wonder how many crosses and sheets were damaged by the storm?

Sometimes, when there is separation, segregation and division, God will make you come together!

Skinheads and neo-Nazis needed bottled water just as much as activists and anti-fascists! White nationalists needed electric power as much as Black nationalists needed electric power!

For the very first time, God made some rich people feel just like some Black people have felt much of their lives.

People of all races, creeds, colors and ancestry needed food, shelter, clothing, love and support!

Caribbean suffers greatly
While people in Texas, Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas were hit and hurt in hurricanes, the mostly Black residents of the Caribbean islands were devastated!

The United States and the British Virgin Islands were seriously damaged along with many other island playgrounds. But my favorite vacation destination, St. Maarten, was practically demolished!

Miraculously, God saved the lives of thousands of island residents, but He also left many Caribbean natives jobless, homeless and hopeless.

I have done a great deal of media and political work in St. Maarten. My company, All World Consultants, has an office in St. Maarten.

All World’s Caribbean director, Jackie Blyden, and her family survived the storm, but her home was wiped off the map!

What about them?
Many so-called star athletes and musicians are coming together to raise funds to help victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in the United States. But how much of the telethon money, church money, government money and private dollars are going to the island territories?

Will the United States and Britain finance the rebuilding of the Virgin Islands, or will the two superpowers ignore and forget their island citizens?

The king of Holland visited his Dutch “territory” of St. Maarten and promised assistance.

But will the United States and British leaders visit the Virgin Islands?

Let’s help them
I think Black people all over the world should support Black people all over the world and should help Black people all over the world.

Join me in doing what we can to help the impoverished people in the Caribbean who have suffered greatly and lost tremendously because of back-to-back-to-back hurricanes.

Everybody that has been on a cruise has been on a Caribbean island, and most visitors have had a good time.

Help islanders help themselves. Send clothes, books, toys, money and everything else you can to help your brothers and sisters in the Caribbean.

If you don’t want to help for any other reason, you surely ought to want the Caribbean cathouses up and running!

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