Michael Brown book gets picked up by Hollywood


Warner Bros. is taking steps to make a movie about the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in 2014 in Ferguson, a Hollywood trade publication reports.

“Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil” is the autobiography by Lezley McSpadden, Michael Brown’s mother.

According to Tracking Board, the studio has picked up the rights to the autobiography of Lezley McSpadden, Brown’s mother. The book is titled “Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil.”

Released last year
The book was released in May 2016 and focuses on Brown’s being shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shortly after the 18-year-old allegedly robbed a convenience store.

The event set off months of unrest in the area and sparked a national debate about the problems with the relationship between police and the Black community.

Wilson was not indicted in the incident and the U.S. Department of Justice ultimately ruled that Wilson acted in self-defense.

Seeking a writer
The publication goes on to say that the studio, which was competing with several other shops for the movie rights, want to “develop a drama that is tonally and thematically similar to Crash, which won Best Picture in 2005.”

The studio is currently seeking a writer to adapt the book, which McSpadden co-wrote with novelist Lyah Beth LeFlore, and is “eager to hire a writer of color” to adapt the book for the big screen, the story reports.


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