Fake news and Black America

At one time in history, the only news that Black people could get was the news they got from Black media. Positive news articles back in the day about Black scholars, Black philosophers, Black entrepreneurs, Black socialites, Black entertainers, Black athletes and Black clergy could only be found in The Pittsburg Courier, The Atlanta Daily World, The Chicago Defender, The Amsterdam News, The Black World and other Black media.

Today, most African-Americans get their news from the digital devils! To many of the people that look like you, if it’s not on Twitter, it’s not news. If it’s not true, it wouldn’t be on Facebook or other Internet sites.

And, worst of all, if it’s not in the White-owned and controlled so-called mainstream media, some people that are not reading this column believe that the news and information couldn’t be worthwhile!

Nothing new
Most news reports have always been fake – or at least lacking in factual content. The idiotic idea that “fake news” just began with Hillary Clinton’s loss to President-elect Donald Trump is laughable to America’s and the globe’s world-class journalists.

It is easy to fake news stories in the United States because Americans love less information. They want their news in bits. They prefer the soundbite over the documentary. They enjoy news that is quick, fast and easy. They hate to have to read more than a paragraph. They like news they can listen to for only a minute or two, and broadcast news that lasts shorter than the Viagra commercials that follow it!

Most political campaigns that can afford it hire a group of professional people they call “opposition researchers.” These people are hired to locate the worst voting records, the most unsavory news reports and the most disgusting photographs they can find of the candidates that they oppose. They twist, turn, or fake what they find to make final reports even worse.

Easy to find
You don’t have to hire someone all of the time to dig up dirt. People with their own personal vendettas will create fake web sites or make real-looking fake Internet posts to defame or encourage hate about a candidate, a political party or a political policy that they don’t like.

What Trump lovers did to get people to hate Democrats was sad, no doubt, but Democrats could have done the same type things to Republicans. Democrats could have responded to fake news stories by exposing lying authors, fake websites, and slimy degenerate perpetrators to the voters that wanted the truth about opposing candidates!

Yes, the true news of today is the news that newspaper editors, Internet managers, broadcast owners and news directors and media corporations want true news to be. Everything else is fake, false or corrupted!

It is impossible for FOX News and MSNBC News to both be so different and both be true at the same time. Things have gotten so bad that the Emmys need to add another award category: “Best Fake News Story of the Year!”

It all depends
If the news reporter is with you, you are a rebel and a freedom fighter. If the newsman is against you, you are a terrorist. If the network is with you, you are a legitimate protester. If they are against you, you are a thug and a criminal!

If your nation or foreign country supports capitalism and greed, you are a democratically elected political leader. If your foreign government disagrees with capitalists, war mongers, and corporate exploitation of natural resources like oil and commodities, you are a dictator, a despot and a murderer!

If only Black people had read Black newspapers and visited Black news sites, they would have known exactly who America’s political players were, who the political devils were, and who the Black political professionals were that they could trust.

The devil’s reporters were wrong about who would win the 2016 elections. Our people were wrong to parrot, to puppet and to believe the fake news stories that the devil created.

Support The Gantt Report and support Black-owned media that will give our people the other side of the story: the true side!

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