Chasing a boogeyman called Russia

One of my favorite books is “The Black Power Imperative,” by Theodore Cross.  The author states that there is no more power than that of information and communication.  When there is a coup or revolution, the first things the victors do is seize all radio and television stations and begin their propaganda and dogma. 

One term used for newspapers is “opinion molders.” If you keep reading, the greater the possibility of you being influenced.  There was a time when I would read the Washington Post daily, until I realized that they were trying to shape my opinion on critical matters.  I got more confused watching Fox News and MSNBC.  They reported the news in opposite spins. Which one is lying? 

No ‘straight’ news
Are any of them reporting straight news? No. The opinion of the owners of news outlets is what you are going to get.  You just must decide for yourself.  That is especially true when many of the owners like Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos and others are one-sided in their opinions and leave no room for true freedom of the press. 

These times are perilous! The stakes are high. The very presidency of the United States is on the line.  The progressives are mad as hell that they lost the last election. Worse yet, they never saw it coming.  They started believing their own polls, which were never accurate. 

It was clear to me all along that Donald Trump was going to win and that the common thinking in America was that the current political players had lost us.  That didn’t bother them. The core of America was mad as hell and they weren’t going to take it anymore. It was a real-life version of the movie “Network.”

Slanted against Trump
A Harvard study was just released.  It showed that the major networks, except Fox News, were slanting the news against Donald Trump by 92 percent.  They still think we are going to take their hype.  They drum up a new falsehood on our president at the rate of 2 to 3 a week.  It is an obsession! 

Attempted scandal after scandal has come before us.  Yet, President Trump is making great strides across the globe. America is becoming great again and that is an important thing.  In fact, our foreign friends are beginning to say, “MAGA!”  (Make America Great Again.)

It now appears that mainstream media has gotten together to come up with a new and different attack on the winner of the 2016 election.  They are doing this because they fear that somehow he will win again in 2020.  So, they have gotten together and decided that we must start beginning to chant, “RUSSIA! RUSSIA!  Whatever is going on it is because of the Russians.  Yes, they are the ones.  He is letting Russia do this to us.” 

Stupid voters?
We are supposed to believe that Russia is so smooth with technology that they now control our elections.  It can’t be how we vote, because we are just too stupid.

They think we are going to fall for that.  We are forming new investigations on Capitol Hill in search of the Russians.  So when will the real Russians be uncovered?  Don’t hold your breath.

My friends, that “ship” is not going to come in.  But maybe something good may show up and save our nation from this perilous mess that the mainstream media has gotten us into.

Mueller will find truth
Wishy-washy FBI Director James Comey has left the building.  His replacement is former director Robert Mueller.  My people, this is a blessing.  I have never met a person who is clearly honest and has sincerity as straight as an arrow. 

One day, I was driving up our drive in the snow.  My wheels started spinning and suddenly a voice shouted from behind the car.  It was a guy I had not seen in the neighborhood before.  He was successful in helping me. I jumped out of my car to shake his hand and thank him. To my amazement, I was looking eyeball-to-eyeball with the nation’s new FBI director, Robert Mueller.  I quipped, “I just had our FBI director push my car.”  He responded, “I’m only human!”

I heard he had moved into the neighborhood but I didn’t think he was across the street!  As it turned out, he had been wanting to meet me ever since he saw my sons come outside with their lacrosse sticks.  He loves lacrosse and played it at Princeton. 

‘Meet you there’
As we became acquainted, I realized he was a genuine honest person.  One thing my wife Kay and I still chuckle about is when he came over and said, “My wife and I want to go see your boys play lacrosse.” I said, “This Saturday they are playing at Georgetown.”  He shot back, “Great! We will meet you there on the away-team side.”

So here we are sitting with the University of Maryland parents prepared to kick the game off.  Then everyone looks at a certain person walking towards us arm-in-arm with his wife and being closely followed by two men dressed in black and wearing shades.  They waved at us and scampered up the bleachers.  I am sure we were the subject of much gossip by the Maryland Lacrosse Parents’ Association the following week.

So now, Robert Mueller is the special prosecutor for the so-called “Russia scandal.” Not to worry, America. The truth will be found and reported.  Praise the Lord!

Harry C. Alford is the co-founder and president/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. Contact him via


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