Biden is the real victim of impeachment hoax


Democrats and their allies in the media tried to blow up the Trump presidency. Instead, they have most likely crushed any chance former Vice President Joe Biden had of winning their party’s nomination for the presidency.

On an almost 24/7 basis, Democrats and their media allies promoted the hoax of this young century: that Joe Biden and his son Hunter were innocent victims of a Trump plot to have Ukraine investigate their role in corruption in that country.

A witch hunt

Why? Because the elder Biden, who was the point man for the Obama administration on Ukraine and China, was his likely opponent in 2020. For that, U.S. House Democrats impeached him.

During the endless hours of impeachment hearings in the House, and the trial in the Senate, the Bidens were mentioned frequently in a not-too-flattering light.

Republicans criticized the elder Biden for bragging about being responsible for the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating a company that paid Hunter  $83,333  per month in board fees.

Questions were also raised about the appearance of impropriety of Hunter traveling to China in 2013 with his father on Air Force 2, and a firm he was associated with receiving benefits from a Chinese bank.

Unintended consequences

But for the Democrats’ impeachment hearings, the dirty little Biden secrets wouldn’t have received such massive publicity. Or they might not have been exposed. If so, Republicans most likely would not have raised the issue of the Bidens being witnesses in the proceedings.

The Bidens can thank House and Senate Democrats for putting a cloud over the Biden name – and candidacy. That’s probably one reason why Joe Biden “took a gut punch”  by finishing a distant fourth in the Iowa caucuses and will probably have an equally poor showing in New Hampshire.

While Biden was being clobbered in Iowa, the president was acquitted by the U.S. Senate; received the highest poll numbers of his presidency; and gave his best State of the Union message.

Biden was not the only Democrat losing in the impeachment aftermath. House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., showed a State of the Union audience of millions that she has  neither the temperament nor class  to be in that job, by tearing up a copy the president’s annual address.

Yet another reason why Republicans must retake the House.

What a contrast

An interesting sidebar to this story that the mainstream media won’t tell you is the tale of two sons – Donald Trump, Jr. and Hunter Biden – and how they help and don’t help their respective fathers.

Donald Trump, Jr. is a powerful advocate for his father. He reminds audiences of how unfair his father has been treated by Democrats and the media, points out his father’s accomplishments, and why he must be reelected.

The most recent example was on full display when he took the stage at Toni Holt Kramer’s soldout third annual Trumpettes USA Red, White, and Blue Gala at the Mar-a-Lago White House in Palm Beach on Super Bowl eve.

He touted his father’s successes and greeted his dad and the first lady, who mesmerized hundreds of enthusiastic Trump supporters and celebrities who came from around the country.

Where is Hunter?

Compare that with Hunter Biden and his father’s candidacy. One would think that he is in the federal witness protection program. He is neither seen nor heard.

Is he campaigning for his father? Do we see him introducing his father at Biden events? Does he give media interviews on why his father should be president? A resounding no to each.

The Democrat Party and their left media friends had hoped that the impeachment charade would tarnish Donald Trump’s image, making him unelectable in November.

The reality is that the only one damaged was one of their own – Joe Biden.

Clarence V. McKee is a government, political and media relations consultant and president of McKee Communications, Inc., as well as a contributor. This article originally appeared on Newsmax.


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