Beware of Trump trickeration

Sometimes a woman’s girlfriend will tell her, “I saw your man last night at the club hugging and kissing another woman!”

When the woman confronts her man and asks questions about the allegation, the man might say, “It wasn’t me. I let my friend use my car. I was at the church at Bible study praying for you and me!”

Big lies work
Even though one lie leads to another, the liar’s best weapon is a bigger and better lie!   

President Donald Trump is quick to say he is very smart, he knows how to do a deal, he is great and he will make America great again.

In my mind, so far, he has appeared to be the dumbest president the world has ever known.

Can I prove it?
You tell me.

A smart president knows and understands whenever any elected official picks a fight with “Washington,” Washington, D.C. wins! Nixon tried it. Lincoln tried it. Some would say even Bill Clinton tried it. They and others all got beat up in a political way.

Presidents with a brain also know that in private, you can disagree with the press, you can despise the press or you can even hate the press.  However, no president with any sense will pick a fight with companies that buy ink by the barrel.

When you reject and try to hide information brought to you by nonpartisan intelligence workers, fire the intelligence messengers and try to cover up high crimes, misdemeanors and government misconduct to protect your political cronies, the information and proof of non-action or cover-ups may be leaked.

When you have a political base of White racists, White supremacists and neo-Nazis, it is easy to fire them up and garnish their support by simply saying, “I will undo everything the ‘N-word’ president did, undo every executive order, every international treaty, every important environmental regulation, every foreign government sanction and everything else.”

More lies 
When a president has a political base of Klansmen, rednecks and bigots, all you have to do is gather them at an airport and use the presidential airplane as a backdrop and lie about winning public election vote totals – when you lost the public vote by three million votes.

You can lie about “fake news,” “fake polls” and lie about imaginary political accomplishments, like walls that will be paid by Mexico; travel bans that focus on one religion and not others; and about improving health care by rubber-stamping what insurance companies tell you about health care costs.

The current president didn’t inherit a “mess.” The United States Electoral College voted for a mess!

We’ll know soon   
Time will tell who and what is a fake. But if you’re a good gambler and you want to make a few dollars, European bookmakers are taking bets on how long it will be before one political rat is thrown off the governmental ship he has tried to sink!

As your members of Congress return home during a legislative recess, many Republicans are dreading facing voters and constituents across the country. Lawmakers have strained to quell the boiling anger at the president and his twisted way to lead your government after a very short time in office.

This legislative recess has turned out to be a stress test for Republicans and Democrats about how much they defend and support President Trump, and how much voter anger politicians will accept and absorb!

Don’t be a victim of presidential trickeration. Reconsider, resist and revolt!

Stand up, speak out and take your government back!

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