Beware of social media devils

00_LuciusGanttSocial media sites have turned into the devil’s playground!

When you think you are sharing and liking posts to and by friends and family, you are really working for people that hate you and want to control you!

Gone are the days when people talked to each other face-to-face. Family get-togethers are pretty much a thing of the past, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Don’t think about communicating by phone call or letter because people are too busy reading Facebook messages.

Wake them up
If you want to make money, create a Black social media site. Oh, I forgot; there are already hundreds of them!

You can “meet” Black people, you can “tweet” Black people, you can “snap” Black people. But someone needs to slap Black people and wake them up so they can see what social media is about these days!

Yes, I’m on social media sites. But sometime this summer, I’ll be on there – but not on there!

I’ll be gone
I plan to delete every personal profile I have on social media Internet sites. The Gantt Report pages will remain up, but only people who care about Black and African news and views visit and read posts on the TGR page anyway.

Lucius Gantt, the person, will delete his profile pages (Facebook and LinkedIn), because Lucius knows who the people are that collect everything you post on social media.

Let me tell you some people that are viewing you on social media. The sheriff is watching you.  The police are watching you. So are the FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, NSA, TSA KGB, Secret Service, Scotland Yard, Interpol and every other law enforcement agency in the world.

Don’t believe me?
Just post something about Islam. Say something provocative about President Obama or some other world leader. If you’re not political, just post a photo of you holding illegal weapons, doing drugs, or committing domestic violence. See what happens to you.

If you apply for a job, don’t think the person doing the hiring hasn’t seen your social media posts and profiles.

More reasons
Not wanting to help the law is not the only reason that I need to get away from social media. How about these reasons?

I already know more about Jesus than the fake Christians on social media. I’m tired of seeing Black women post booty shots while standing in front of a mirror in a dirty, messy bathroom or bedroom.

I’m tired of people hacking the accounts of people I know who send me messages with viruses attached so they can hack into the account of people I know. I’m tired of seeing beach pictures that look like every other beach.

I’m tired of seeing pictures of fast food and other unhealthy meal choices. I’m tired of seeing college sports teams instead of college scholars.

I’m tired of seeing your new “boo” who is nothing more than the flavor of the day. I’m tired of seeing “glamour shots” that make you look different than you really look.

And I’m tired of seeing people that hate you pretending to be your “friend.”

Nobody’s business
I don’t want everybody to know where I’m going or where I have been. I don’t want people on social media to know if I got a new job or a new contract. I don’t want people on social media to know if I’m a self-made millionaire, or if I’m as poor as a church mouse!

Well, you went out and paid hundreds of dollars for an expensive “smartphone” and signed a multi-year service contract. So I guess you need social media to access your GNN (Ghetto News Network).

I ain’t mad at you. Good luck with it. Use social media if you wish, but don’t let it use you.

If I need to know what you’re doing, I’ll just ask “5-0” or the PoPo!

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