Beware of political neocolonialism


Neocolonialism, neo-colonialism, or neo-imperialism is the practice of using capitalism, globalization and cultural imperialism to influence a developing community. It’s different from the previous colonial methods of direct military or police control. It was first used by Kwame Nkrumah in the context of African countries undergoing decolonization in the 1960s.

The result of neo-colonialism is that foreign capital (from outside your community) is used for the exploitation rather than for the development of the less-developed parts of the community. Investment, under neo-colonialism, increases, rather than decreases, the gap between the rich and the poor countries of the world.

Historically, the struggle against neo-colonialism is not aimed at excluding the capital of the developed world from operating in less developed countries. Today, it is aimed at enhancing the financial power of the developed neighborhoods in such a way as to impoverish the less developed.

Accept the status quo

The place where we live, or frequent, is not totally controlled by our friends and neighbors. We have been advised by fake Black leaders that are apparently nothing but modern-day neocolonialist puppets to beg our oppressors, bow down to our exploiters and to accept our situations as the way it is!

Instead of learning from the writings of Frederick Douglass, Ida B. Wells, Marcus Garvey, Martin, Malcolm and others we prefer the lies of President Donald Trump mixed in with the fables of Aesop, Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson and Joel Chandler Harris!

I say we are in an era of political neocolonialism because when we go to the polls, we think we’re voting for somebody. But oftentimes, we’re actually voting for nobody!

Vanilla or chocolate

The only difference between candidates on the ballots is some candidates are pale and some others are just dipped in chocolate! They have the same political proposals, the same failed solutions, and they hire the same losing political consultants with the same losing strategies.

African-American politics of today are not much different than they were back in the day!

The so-called “Dependency Theory” is the theoretical description of economic and political neocolonialism. It proposes that the economic system comprises wealthy communities at the center and poor communities at the periphery. Both economic and political neocolonialism extract the economic, political, human and natural resources of a poor neighborhood to flow to the economies of the wealthy suburbs and gentrified inner-city areas.

We won’t take control

No, you won’t admit why we suffer politically. We suffer because we refuse to control the politics in our community. We defame and disrespect the Black men and women that stand up and speak out against the political beasts around the world.

We have political knowledge and wisdom in our community. We know how to generate votes. We know how to influence votes. We know how to get political messages out. But we seldom get a chance to utilize our political talent and skill.

We show up. But we can’t show out, because the candidates we love can’t use us unless they get permission from the political colonialists. They can’t hire or pay us until after they’ve hired and paid the political colonialists.

Russia interfered in recent U.S. elections. Part of the plan was to divide and control Black political thought and activity. If Blacks can’t or don’t vote, the enemies of people of African descent around the globe will always win; it doesn’t matter who the opponent is.

Don’t be fooled

Don’t let people that look like you represent you in public office if they have little desire to work for you and vote for legislation that will benefit you! Political neocolonialism is real!

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