The children and ‘The Battle Cat’

Three cheers for the children! 

Students in the United States were joined by some children around the world to demand safety in schools, increased age requirements for gun purchases and a ban on military-style assault rifles.

The Gantt Report supports the efforts and goals of the newly rebellious young people who have major issues with all elected officials in both major political parties about their lack of appropriate responses to violence in schools after 17 children lost their lives when a devilish, animalistic coward sprayed a Florida high school full of unarmed and defenseless students and teachers with automatic gun fire.

It’s no surprise
Don’t be surprised that the students in America have risen up to protest the wicked and deceitful political beasts!

The young people around the world have chosen to stand up for what is right and what they believe in, while too many scared and timid adult elected officials chose to bow down to profiteering gun manufacturers and gun sellers.

Students chose to use their lunch money and allowances to finance their protests in favor of school and community safety, while some elected officials chose to suck up to the National Rifle Association and to rubber-stamp all of the wrongful legislation proposed by the inconsiderate group.

The students also decided to buy into protests for equal rights, justice and safety, while politicians elected to sell their political souls for meager campaign contributions from wicked corporate carpetbaggers and greedy money changers.

High school and other students across the country chose to risk suspension, detention, expulsion and arrest, when adults that are supposed to protect them tucked their heads between their tails and did a silent buck dance over and around the gun issues that should have been dealt with after the first school gun massacre!

History of protests
Young people, you are not alone! History recognizes that many, many important protests were initiated by the world’s children.

South African apartheid was dismantled and crushed after Black students opposed the use of the Afrikaans language in South African schools.

It was students that got spat on, beaten and arrested for sitting at segregated lunch counters and participating in Freedom Rides and civil rights marches and protests.

Young people, continue to fight for what you believe in. Senior soldiers will not let satanic authorities shoot you like students in the past were shot protesting at American universities.

Focused on catfight
Even though the student uprising is the top story so far in this decade, the imperialist press has chosen to put protest stories on the back burner in order to cover a more sensational topic.

The media is currently focusing on the fight between the Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief and the pornographic Battle Cat!
An adult film actress, Stormy “The Battle Cat” Daniels, was paid $130,000 a couple of days before the 2016 presidential election to keep quiet about an affair with the current (and married) U.S. president, Donald Trump.

Earlier, Trumpty Dumbty said he didn’t even know who Daniels was. But now he has filed litigation against her for opening her mouth, so to speak!

“Stormy” is an appropriate stage name, because a sex storm with a married man can be politically devastating even for a confessed pussy grabber!

With documents, texts, videos – and who knows what else to prove her cat case – the Battle Cat will win most legal confrontations, especially when a guilty man fights the cat!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller will look into misdeeds in the White House to investigate why the president and his team are fighting so hard to keep the Battle Cat quiet!

Maybe the president chose the wrong cat food to eat! That Battle Cat cat food can make a political pussy grabber sick sometimes!

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