‘Nobody Knows’ and the Black clap back

One of my favorite gospel singers is the great Mahalia Jackson. I love to hear her version of “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen!”

The moving vocals on that song brings to mind investigations of collaboration, cooperation, conspiracy and other misdeeds regarding past and present Russian interference in United States elections.

Nobody knows the trouble Mahalia Jackson sings about.

We know nothing
And nobody knows a damn thing about what Special Counsel Robert Mueller knows about violations of federal and state laws and subsequent criminal conduct involving President Donald Trump, Trump’s campaign staffers, Trump’s congressional flunkies like Rep. Devin Nunes, Russian operatives and mobsters, and related GOP cover-up attempts.

I don’t know what Mueller knows, but I believe he knows a hell of a lot. Mueller has thousands of documents, telephone recordings, emails, tax returns, real estate transaction receipts, indictments and guilty pleas by accused felons.

People that are “targets” in the Mueller investigation can easily get favorable treatment and reduced charges. All they have to do is tell the truth! But the idiots that think they are the smartest people on Capitol Hill can’t do that.  

Too many people associated with Trump try to lie to the special counsel. Then they get nailed and screwed like sheetrock on ceilings and walls.

Mueller doesn’t wait
Once he hears a lie, additional charges like “lying to the FBI” are filed almost immediately and afterwards, criminal suspects start singing better than the great Mahalia Jackson.

They start singing like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley or Otis Redding. They tell everything and quickly become “cooperating witnesses!”

There is, however, one suspect that I expect to remain quiet as a church mouse in a mega-super-large evangelical house of worship.

Paul Manafort is not so afraid of Special Counsel Mueller. If President Trump’s former campaign manager starts rapping like Kendrick Lamar or Cardi B, I’d be shocked!

Why shocked?
I would be shocked because Manafort is less worried about charges from Mueller. He is more worried about a possible death sentence if he says anything he knows about Russian mobsters that may be seeking reimbursement from million-dollar loans they gave to Manafort! The Russian mafia doesn’t play around!

One last thing. I loved former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele’s Black clap back after a GOP closet Klansman said it was a mistake to give Steele a leadership role in the Republican Party because Steele is Black.

Steele correctly stated that Republicans should not be hesitant to tell the truth about a Republican president that got elected after getting help and influential media assistance from a hostile and unfriendly foreign government!
Good for you, Michael Steele! Just like The Gantt Report, you talked about the beast!

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