Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 314

‘I can’t protect you’ – I shed tears of sadness and anger driving from Daytona to Fort Lauderdale to see my two school-age kids who were traumatized by the Parkland shootings. Last year, I complained to Chayla’s school about a kid who made online gun threats. My kids knew it could have been their respective schools.

I apologized to both that I can’t protect them against such violence. That made me angry at the shooter, politicians, gun manufacturers, and the Supreme Court that misconstrues the Second Amendment. I’m especially pissed off at the fearful minority of male White America whose paranoia, sense of entitlement, greed and denial drives the gun culture that kills 35,000 Americans per year…

More ‘getting what you pray for’ – King Don Trump; his historically ignorant, xenophobic base of supporters; and spineless Republicans will build “Fortress America” behind “the big, beautiful wall” costing U.S. taxpayers (not Mexico) billions of dollars. They’ll always believe in “American Exceptionalism,” the current version of 19th-century “Manifest Destiny” that justified the mass killing of Native Americans and the destruction of their culture. They’ll make immigration (except from White European nations) tougher.

Post-Trump, immigration won’t be a problem anymore. Who would relocate to a “Shithole America” awash in a half-billion guns; cheap, available addictive drugs; angry, frustrated, underemployed, self-destructive youth whom, if they are college-educated, are buried in school debt; a sick, elderly population; and 1950s-era infrastructure?

Other than selling us consumer crap that distracts us from our increasingly stressed and joyless lives, our global neighbors will leave America alone to stew in its own isolationist, exceptional juices…

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