Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 307

‘Don’t s—t where you eat.’ Glenn and I heard that from Dad. “Don’t have a honey where you make your money.” That’s what another Black male business owner says he was told.

Those are common-sense things passed down from one generation of Black male entrepreneurs to another. What do they mean?

Keep Your Hands Off Women Who Work For You. STAY FOCUSED ON MAKING MONEY.

Maybe men in Hollywood, in courthouses, in statehouses, or in Washington D.C., have amassed so much power and/or money that they figure they could do or say anything to any woman at any time, as King Don Trump revealed in the infamous Access Hollywood tape…

New rules – Occasionally, people treat me as a minor celebrity, usually after a speech, book signing, etc. When a woman I don’t know asks to take a picture with me, I have very clear “rules of engagement.”

I position myself by standing at attention. I allow her to approach me. Some women grab me by my waist, lean in, and nestle themselves on a shoulder. Others stand six inches away from me with both their arms down, as if they’re making a hostage video. Usually, it’s somewhere in between.

Regardless of how this picture happens, I’m not leaning in. I’m not touching anywhere but around and above the waist – if they have one. My fingers are together, not spread apart like I’m trying to grab a handful of female flesh. And I’m not kissing ANY woman I don’t already know.

Given the current environment, I may have to rethink taking pictures with women I don’t know at all, lest I be accused of groping somebody. And yes, my ass HAS been occasionally patted, pinched, felt on, or otherwise ‘examined’ during such encounters.

As a heterosexual man, I take that as a compliment if it’s a woman doing the patting. If it was a guy, there’d be a fight…

The Florida Classic experience – It’s my second-favorite event in the state, behind the annual Miami-Broward Carnival. And other than the lack of natural sound, the press box is the best seat in the house. One thing my press box seat allowed me to notice was the difference between the Florida A&M University and Bethune-Cookman University fan bases.

Rattler fans come late after the game has started, and sometimes as late as the second quarter. Wildcat fans get there early or on time. Subsets of both fan bases duck out for food or restroom breaks during the first half.

Nobody moves during halftime so they can see the bands perform, then they dash out immediately afterwards.

Evidently, some Rattler fans leave after the bands perform and never come back. There were lots of empty seats on the FAMU side in the third quarter and it got emptier in the fourth quarter, even as the game tightened up.

My conclusion? FAMU fans are like Miami Dolphins fans: casual and fair-weather. If the team loses, they don’t show up or leave early. B-CU fans are like Green Bay Packers fans: die-hards who are with their team, win or lose…

Time to redirect the culture – I’ve bemoaned the lack of sportsmanship and trash-talking that’s crept into the Florida Classic rivalry over the years. It manifested itself again this year with the bands playing over each other in the stands, the helmet-to-helmet ‘discussions’ on the field, and multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties that resulted in one Rattler getting ejected from the game.

It’s time for university leadership to take control. My suggestion? After the game, each team, led by its respective president followed by the coaching staff, walks toward each other from opposite sides of the 50-yard line and shakes hands, fist bumps, etc., as they walk past. That reminds us all that this is just a spirited competition between two HBCUs. Folks, just be careful not to grope anyone as you pass by…

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