Political ‘macks’ and political cronies

A “mack” is sort of like a top-tier pimp.

You can have a popcorn pimp, a parking lot pimp and a variety of other pimps. But a mack stands above the pimp pretenders.

Movies and TV shows depict pimps as men who lurk around bus stops, bus stations, homeless shelters and other places looking for runaway girls, homeless females or other women in need of attention, affection or assistance.

Books and blogs and newspaper articles suggest that pimps are sex-craved abusers that thrive on sex acts with multiple women.

Both depictions are far from the total truth.

Money, not sex
A pimp doesn’t want sex. A pimp wants money!

And most women and men are not sweet-talked into the pimp/whore lifestyle or bribed into “the life” by gifts of cheap clothes and dinners of greasy food at the corner diner.

Ninety-nine percent of the people that join the stable choose the pimp!

Nobody like Trump
The biggest stable I currently know of in the United States in the United States Congress, and President Donald Trump is the political mack daddy!

No matter how much the president lies to senators and representatives; no matter how close he is to America’s enemies and adversaries; no matter how many times he disrespects Gold Star wives, parents and families; and no matter how much he uses his political position to enrich himself – the political whores in Congress choose the political pimp!

Iceberg Slim, Goldie, Priest and Don Magic Juan would be impressed!

They can’t wait
America’s biggest political campaign contributors like the Koch brothers, the Mercers, the Adelsons, and other corporate giants in America and around the world can’t wait to be pimped by Trump.

Trump’s love for Ku Klux Klansmen, neo-Nazis, White supremacists and White nationalists doesn’t bother congressional leaders or the business elite one bit, because every one of them are scared as hell.

The political pimp will never pimp-slap them. He won’t pull their hair in broad daylight. He wouldn’t think about kicking any of his loyal political stable-dwellers out of the whorehouse.

Their biggest fear
What they fear the most is being tweeted to death! They think pimp-tweets will hurt their businesses, and pimp-tweets will hurt their reelection chances. They are more afraid of a tweet than an angry voter or customer!

Yes, the president has got to be the greatest political pimp in history. When have you seen a president that controls the Congress so much that he can do and say anything and get away with it? NEVER!

God willing, one day the whores in Congress will rise up against their pimp. They will stop being controlled by the wicked pimp and return to their elected positions as public servants.

Rehashing last campaign  
The anti-pimps in Congress, the opposition party, is just as divided as the political whorehouse. Instead of uniting to fight the pimp, they want to rehash the last Democratic primary fight between Hillary and Bernie supporters.

They want to use the same losing political consultants and soldiers, and they can never decide on a meaningful political message and strategy.

Imitating the pimp and his stable will get the opposition party nowhere. The 2018 elections should be a great time to change the political tide. But the voters and the people must depend on themselves to initiate political change.

Helping themselves 
Politicians that are afraid to do the right things will never stop helping themselves by controlling contributions to ‘help’ you.

You can believe in the political mack or in the political crony. Either one you choose will not get you good government.

It will get you mack or crony – “macaroni,” so to speak!

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