Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 304

Jesus may arrive next week! So says a Christian ‘numerologist,’ if there is such a profession.

The numerologist says Jesus’s drive-by is scheduled to occur 33 days from last month’s total eclipse – that would be Sunday, Sept. 24 – because “3” is a divine number in many ways, blah blah.

Interestingly enough, I’ve also heard that a lot from Floridians who are watching earthquakes, multiple historically strong hurricanes, and the pissing contest between King Don Trump and “Rocket Man,” North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

My bootleg-preacher advice? Read all of Chapter 24 of Matthew, not just a few verses. I guarantee Jesus ain’t gonna be here, at least not in the literal flesh, on Sunday, because “about that day or hour, no one knows…” not even a ‘Christian’ numerologist…

Is Florida living sustainable anymore? That’s a hard question for a Florida native. I believe manmade climate change is real, because that conclusion is backed by the same natural science that allows the National Hurricane Center to predict, with increasingly better accuracy, when and where storms will go.

My concerns? The randomness of the storms’ frequency and strength during a long six-month storm season yearly; the financial cost of storm preparations – flood, homeowners’, or renters’ insurance, usually with high deductibles and limited coverage.

If you’re a homeowner, there’s plywood or shutters, generators, and possible repair and rebuilding. There’s the psychological stress and strain of preparation, and evacuation costs.

There’s the politicians’ refusal to prepare for rising ocean levels and stronger storms.

Even with 10 years between major storms, how many Andrews, Charleys, Matthews, or Irmas can one take in a lifetime? More later…

Rest in peace, Evangelist – It’s good to have a fan in life, and Evangelist Doris James was a fan of your humble writer.

She told me if I ever became a ‘legitimate’ minister (I have a $10 Internet license to call myself “pope,” “bishop,” “apostle,” etc.), she would be my first member. Before her stroke, whenever I appeared at her home church, Dania Beach’s St. Ruth Missionary Baptist, she’d laugh about what I wrote that week in this short space.

I know her last few years were tough. But if anyone deserves to be “absent from the body and present with the Lord,” she does, in my humble opinion…

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