Cannon to host ‘Lip Sync Battle Shorties’ on Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon has announced that Nick Cannon will host “Lip Sync Battle Shorties,’’ a spinoff Spike’s Emmy-nominated show, “Lip Sync Battle.’’

Nick Cannon will provide commentary during a new Nickelodeon show, which will air next year.

Joining him to provide commentary on each performance is breakout star and social media sensation JoJo Siwa, who will serve as Cannon’s sidekick.

The 10-episode series, which features real-life kids lip-syncing pop songs in celebration of their favorite artists, will premiere in early 2018, with Halloween and holiday specials set to air later this year.

“I’m excited to host the first season of “Lip Sync Battle Shorties.’’ It’s always a pleasure to work with my family at Nickelodeon. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching the kids lip-sync their favorite songs and perform like their favorites artists,” said Cannon.

Nickelodeon kudos
“Nick Cannon grew up on Nickelodeon and into one of the best hosts and comedic actors on TV.

Along with his passion for music, he brings with him such an amazing understanding and enthusiasm for kid performers. We feel very lucky to have Nick at the helm of ‘Shorties.’ We’re ready to rock!,” stated executive producers Casey Patterson and Jay Peterson.

Added Bronwen O’Keefe, senior vice president, Nickelodeon Live Action and Movies, “With Nick Cannon at the helm, every episode of “Lip Sync Battle Shorties’’ will be an over-the-top Nickelodeon event, with real kids in the driver’s seat, battling head-to-head in the ultimate competition show.’’

Nickelodeon premiered an hour-long “Lip Sync Battle Shorties’’ special in December 2016, which posted double-and triple digit gains with kids and drew more than two million total viewers.

Content from the special has garnered over 20 million views on Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel to date.


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