Left’s ‘death party’ rhetoric may get someone killed

Notwithstanding the recent assassination attempt against Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and other Republican members of Congress, the vile, hateful, and violence-inciting rhetoric of Democrats and their friends on the left continues. Some examples:

•House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., “hundreds of thousands of people will die” if the Republican health bill passes.
•Entertainer Johnny Depp: “Maybe it’s time” for the president to be assassinated.
•Hillary Clinton: The Republican Party is the “death party.”
•Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.: The Republican health care bill is “blood money” and “people will die.”
•Nebraska Democratic official Phil Montag: He was glad Rep. Scalise was shot and wished he “was (expletive) dead.”
•Rolling Stone writer Jesse Berny: President Trump and the GOP want to pass a health care bill that would “kill far more Americans than ISIS and al Qaeda could ever dream about.”

Coming violence
Such unabated, unchallenged, and dangerous toxic rhetoric will not stop until it leads to a political execution! The victim may be a Republican, Democrat, anti-Trump entertainer or a cable news host.

What brings me to this gloomy conclusion?

Just as the shooter in Virginia reacted to the spiteful, noxious, and poisonous anti-GOP tirades of the left and many Democratic leaders, who knows how many anti-Trump/Republican disturbed haters like him are ready to pick up his torch to finish the job as they feed upon the violence-inspiring speech of recent days?

Those uttering the detestable language should realize that their friends and allies on the left don’t have a monopoly on those on the fringe who could take their inciteful messages seriously and strike out against those whom they are told would cause the death of Americans.

Angry counterparts
Somewhere in the audience consuming this vile oratory against Republicans and the president are the Virginia shooter’s counterparts on the political right extreme who will say, “It’s our turn.” They will go after Democrats and anti-Trump entertainers just as the Virginia shooter went after Republicans. Their disturbed rationale: revenge!

Those cited above and others flooding the political landscape with the caustic and toxic gasoline of hate speech are just inviting someone to light the match that will ignite a bonfire of political assassinations.

Has the mainstream media asked any Democrat leader or Socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, on talk shows and interviews, to disavow such statements? Not that I know of!

No denunciations
Have any Democratic leaders, or any Democrat, condemned such inflammatory remarks? Have their allies on MSNBC or CNN, or their friends at The Washington Post or The New York Times, said that such comments were out of bounds?

Not that I know of!
If the unthinkable happens, the blood will be on the hands of those Democrats and their leftist allies who have planted the seeds of resistance, hate, intolerance, and violence – and their comrades who have and continue to remain silent!

Clarence V. McKee is a government, political and media relations consultant and president of McKee Communications, Inc., as well as a Newsmax.com contributor. This article originally appeared on Newsmax.com.


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