Torry defends support of Cosby


Comedian and actor Joe Torry showed up to court last week with the embattled legendary entertainer Bill Cosby at his sexual assault trial in a showing of support.

The “Tom Joyner Morning Show’’ talked exclusively with Torry about his decision to be a part of Cosby’s public supporters at the courthouse.

According to Torry, he was not paid to be a supporter, he explained, “I never asked Bill for a check. Ain’t never got a check from Bill.”

Adding, “I don’t know what you’re [Tom Joyner] thinking about, that I’m doing this for profit. I know people want to hear, ‘Oh that’s why Joe Torry’s there Thursday. There’s got to be a reason. There’s got to be a check.’ No, that’s my frat brother, that’s a Black man that has done a lot for Black America.”


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