I’ll tell you again why Democrats don’t win

Democrats still don’t get it. Perhaps they never will!

Recently, Democratic candidates for Congress had an excellent opportunity to win House seats in South Carolina and Georgia. They came close, but lost both contests.

Close counts in horseshoes. But in political elections, candidates have to prevail!

It’s simple
Pick up any newspaper or turn to any TV news or radio talk show. You’ll hear a myriad of reasons explaining why so-called experts feel the Democrats that sought to turn Republican House seats got beat like a snare in a Black college band drum line!

I’ll make it simple for you. The Democratic Party controls the races in which they put money, and the Democratic Party leadership doesn’t have a clue about how to win. If you tell them how, they won’t listen!

I don’t want to use a lot of good column time talking about Democratic Party incompetence.

Longtime readers of The Gantt Report know the current “Democratic Party road to election success” is lined with potholes filled with election failures!

However, it might be worthwhile to make a long story short for new Gantt Report readers by repeating a few political observations.

Can’t match GOP
First, the Democratic Party, no matter how much they beg, will never be able to match Republicans in campaign contributions or what most campaign money is spent on: television ads.

The Democrats refuse to upgrade, innovate, improve or enhance! Democrats cannot win 21st century elections using 20th century tactics!

Today’s elections are super-scientific and technological. You have geo-demographic targeting, sophisticated polling, specified direct mailing, robo-calling and more. Democratic opponents are much more expert at using new-age campaign tools and resources.

Democrats have terrible timing. Even when they take the correct campaign actions, they do it at the wrong times and subsequently get the wrong results.

Slimy ads
Politics is a dirty sport, so to speak. That is why the highest-paid media producers and opposition research consultants create the slimiest, dirtiest TV ads. Media buyers that place attack ads know just when to place them – in the last days before elections, when Democrats have little or no time to respond.

“Kill the messenger” is what Democrats should do, because their planned broadcast and print messages are terrible; their response messages are non-existent or worse!

The Democratic Party must have a communications team and media consultants that can produce and place paid and free media quickly and professionally. The Democratic Party, it seems, does not have that kind of talented team.

The Democratic Party must hold their noses, bite their tongues and/or stand up to the Democratic elite and hire consultants that can deliver votes.

Same people
Historically, the Democratic Party, and Democratic candidates, have sought to hire Jews (and that includes Cuban Americans that are Jews); people recommended by organized labor; consultants that overcharge the party and “kick back” in the form of contributions. Finally, they hire each other!

More Black elected officials get more money to help Democrats get Black votes than Black political professionals, media professionals, media owners and community activists combined. That is ridiculous!

The Republican Party caters to its base, nurtures its base, files legislation for its base, communicates with its base, supports its base. The Democratic Party ignores its base and wouldn’t dream about spending money with its most loyal and dedicated supporters.

So, the golden rule goes two ways. If you don’t spend the gold, you cannot rule. And you will keep losing elections you should win! 

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