Here’s the lowdown on ‘Trump sheet’

I have a Facebook profile page, but I block people from posting things on my personal page.

It wasn’t a genius move that caused me to do that.

I blocked everyone because people I didn’t know were flooding my page with self-promoting advertisements, booty pictures, fight videos, hypocritical religious messages, and political attacks on people and political parties that I may have to work with sometime or someday.

I enjoy playing poker, for instance, on Facebook. Recently I have been posting brief educational and inspirational messages about Black life and righteous living.

Soon gone   
But my Facebook profile page will soon disappear. I’m going to delete that page and other personal social media pages I have, like the one on LinkedIn.   

I was late to get on the Internet. I got on because I felt it was a good way to access knowledge, wisdom and truth.   

Well, those things may still be there. But to get to that information, you have to go through post after post of lies, false truths, misguided opinions and criminal cyber-mischief!    

What irked me the most was how sites claimed your personal info could be made “private,” but the truth was that everything about you and about your Internet activity was being sold to make Internet executives and Internet companies very wealthy.

Killing our government
Anyway, the misuse of the Internet is not only hurting us individually. It is killing our government.    

Cyber spies and criminals have successfully used the Internet to destroy the political candidates they dislike and to assist in the election of candidates they can control and influence.    

The United States has a president that apparently coordinated with, colluded with and conspired with a foreign enemy to disrupt an American election.

‘Following’ a clown 
It hurts me so bad to see my people, Black people, sign up for every app that they can. Too many Blacks are on sites like SnapChat, Instagram, WhatsApp and President Trump’s favorite, Twitter!

Why in the hell would anybody want to “follow” a “Clown in Chief” on Twitter?

I’m not a Twitter guy. But from what I seen on news reports, most of Trump’s Twitter sheet is nothing but pure “bullsheet.”

(If you read The Gantt Report, you know “sheet” is a substitute for a similar- sounding word!)  

I’ll say it first
The president that lives by the tweet will die by the tweet!

Trump’s tweets are probably used mainly as diversions to get media to focus on things they should have ignored.

Most major media reporters of today merely parrot each other and primarily repeat stories they have read or heard from competitive news sources.    

But The Gantt Report could have gotten to the bottom of all the issues being investigated by congressional committees and numerous federal, legal and private agencies long ago.

Follow bodies, money   
Instead of following the tweets to find out about Russian involvement with American elections and government officials, investigators should have been following the trail of dead Russians that may have been poisoned, shot or murdered in some other way to keep them silent.    

Even better than that, investigators should be following the money to find a Trump campaign-Russian connection.

There may be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but there is treasure trove of information in tax returns, laundered money, suspicious real estate purchases, foreign government lobbying fees, payments for foreign lectures and speaking engagements, and so on.

Money lives on  
Knowledgeable people may have been knocked off or snuffed out, but the money never dies! Stop following “Trump chumps” and follow the Benjamins if you want to see a criminal connection.

Be careful with your Internet usage. What you post can help you. But it could also haunt you, kill you – or get you impeached!

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