Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 298

B-CU –  So now the reason B-CU’s prez, Edison Jackson, and his ace boon, Joe Petrock, invited Betsy DeVos was to “advance an agenda” for all HBCUs. Really? Who designated them as HBCU “lobbyists?” Did any other HBCU presidents attend B-CU’s commencement? When and where was a meeting set up between HBCU leadership and DeVos while she was in Central Florida? Were representatives from the UNCF or the Thurgood Marshall Fund in Daytona?

My thoughts are of the institution (whose good name has been needlessly sullied) and the graduates (who Jackson and Petrock must now convert into generous alumni who will provide lifetime support to B-CU. Good luck with all that, fellas).

And in the process of single-handedly “advancing the HBCU agenda,” you made yourselves look clueless and out of touch, and your students be perceived as close-minded and reactionary.

So what do B-CU, Jackson, Petrock, or all three get in exchange for the photo op of DeVos speaking at a podium with the B-CU seal? A big check? A large government grant? A future presidential pardon?

Me? ccherry2@gmail.com.


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