Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 297

Bethune-Cookman University – America has President Donald Trump; B-CU has President Edison Jackson. Lemme ‘splain.

You already know how Trump uses Twitter to distract. With Jackson, it’s the use of political personalities and the name of Jesus.

Jackson came to B-CU as an interim president, “a man of God” with previous institutional experience. He used “Jesus Jesus Jesus” to sway Jesus-loving trustees of this United Methodist Church-affiliated private HBCU to void his short-term agreement and install him as the permanent prez – breaking his personal commitment to be simply a transitional leader.

Jackson brought in questionable top financial management, then dominated and eventually took over the board, stocking it with local GOP-affiliated power brokers, suck-ups and incompetents who don’t know what “fiduciary duty” actually means and who help maintain paranoiac organizational secrecy.

Jackson has used Trump-like distractions – such as the controversy surrounding the honors bestowed on Republican bigwigs Gov. Rick Scott and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos – to keep alumni attention away from questioning the school’s finances.

B-CU alumni will draw up online petitions that attract thousands of signatures. They’ll march to keep Scott from getting the school’s highest award, and to prevent DeVos from speaking at next week’s commencement. They’ll descend on Orlando to watch their beloved Wildcats take on the FAMU Rattlers on the gridiron and at halftime.

But they won’t descend on Daytona Beach during trustee board meetings to demand complete transparency and financial accountability. And their Alumni Association won’t even back their own designated representative on the B-CU trustee board in his legal fight to be properly appointed to his position. SAD!

The Jackson mafia has done what they came to Daytona Beach to do. If alumni eventually resort to selling sweet potato pies just like Mrs. Bethune did more than a century ago to keep the school open during a previous crisis, they’ll only have themselves to blame.

Actually, selling B-CU-branded pies ain’t a bad idea…

The former Bro. Prez – He obviously read my column from last week, in which I advised him to “…make them dollars to pay for Malia and Sasha to go to college and grad school.”

Word is that he’ll get paid $800,000 for two ‘speeches’: one to a Wall Street financial firm, the other for a 90-minute interview in front of TV advertisers. This on top of a $65 million book deal for Michelle and him. Stack those bills, bruh!

But once again, he looks out for himself above the Democratic Party he allegedly loves so much.

Hillary Clinton took a beatdown for making a similar $400,000 speech to Wall Street, which continued to be part of the “drip, drip, drip” of entitlement, corruption, bad judgment, greed, pay-for-play influence, and mistrust that lost her the presidency and foisted Donald Trump on the world.

So the former Bro. Prez, who says he wants to help the Democratic Party regain its footing, takes the same dirty, politically tainted big money after years of complaining about “Wall Street fat cats” and the pernicious influence of money in politics? Oh, I forgot. Wall Street Ivy Leaguers and their companies wrote big-money checks to both Obama presidential campaigns, even as he was cussing them out for wrecking the economy – while at the same time allowing their companies to become “too big to jail.”

Mama says, “All money ain’t good money.” And Democrats who want the former Bro. Prez to come back into the political fray should understand that his continued political presence – just like that of Bill and Hillary Clinton – is like waving a red flag in front of GOP and independent-voting “bulls.”

Obama and the Clintons will bring implacable political opposition, including outright hatred, out of the woodwork. Time for them both to exit public electoral politics, stage left…

‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’ – Black and Hispanic legislators are partying together a week after a Hispanic politician went on a racial tirade against two of his Black colleagues, then quit the Senate. Will Black politicians, mostly Democrats, use this crisis to work with the largely Republican Hispanic Caucus for our good? We’ll see…

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  1. this is crazy. i havent been on campus in over a decade but thia article confirmed everything i knew about how this BCC black eye was ultimately “administered”

    great piece. thanks from c/o “04 detroit grad. keep up the fight & keep shining ur light.


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