Prison guards charged in chemical spraying incident


Two Northwest Florida correctional officers face charges after authorities said an inmate was sprayed with a chemical agent and placed in a supply closet.

William Jeffery Davis, a sergeant at Liberty Correctional Institution, was charged with malicious battery, official misconduct and submitting a false “use of force” report, according to the Florida Department of Corrections.

Capt. Steven Cloud was charged with official misconduct and submitting a false report.

The charges stem from an April 8 incident in which an inmate sought protection from another inmate. Cloud and Davis refused the inmate’s request and told him to go back to his dorm, according to investigative affidavits posted on the department website.

The inmate, whose name is redacted from the affidavits, refused to go to his dorm.

Davis is accused of then taking the inmate to a supply closet, spraying him in the face with a chemical agent and leaving him in the closet, according to the affidavits. The department’s Office of Inspector General investigated the incident and requested arrest warrants for the officers.


  1. Florida has so many Backwoods hillbilly types of course they flow into many jobs like police force where in other places more intelligent people would be working. The police don’t have an “office of professional accountability” that you can complain to, you have to complain to the lieutenant, good luck with that. Kind of like the military; the women have to complain to their superiors, and those that do say sometimes they are abused by them as well.


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