It’s getting hot in here

It’s getting hot in here and I’m not talking about the Nelly rap song. When I write “in here” in this column, I’m talking about in the mean old world we live in.

It’s spring 2017, and not even summer yet. But temperatures are rising and tempers are rising!

It’s hot in England. It’s hot in France. It’s hot in Germany. It’s hot in Canada. And no other country that I know is beginning to feel the heat like it is felt in the United States!

You see, the devil in hell will never be cool. And it seems like the devils where you are may be the same way.

The devils on earth really love a good fire. Some people won’t dream about cooking on an electric stove because they want to see flames when they boil their pork salad or warm up their possum stew.

To some people, a luxury home is not a luxury home if it doesn’t have a “hot” tub and a fire pit in the backyard.

Think about it
Some people love a good campfire where they can sit around and reminisce about the good old days of slavery, or a bonfire where they can burn images of school mascots and images of all the people of the world that they dislike, demean and hate with a passion!

Some people even like it and think it is beautiful when lightning sparks a fire in the forests and woodlands that burns for days and destroys the homes and habitats of innocent, harmless animals!

And who wears a sheet and a pointed hat that doesn’t absolutely love a burning cross fire?

Don’t like this
There is one kind of fire that fire lovers despise and do not like at all. They holler, scream and curse at the top of their lungs when their warehouses go up in flames, when their offices catch on fire and when retail stores, shops and malls are set on fire and the flames light up the sky! No, they don’t ever like riot fires!

And that last type of fire is exactly what’s going to happen if they keep treating Black, Brown, and other people of color badly and with devilish intentions!

One day, enough will become enough! Exploited, oppressed, colonized, abused, rejected, scorned and victimized people will respond with a book of matches and a little bit of gasoline or some other accelerant.

Tired of it
Black people, Hispanics, Native Americans and others with melanin in their skin are tired of getting falsely accused, over-prosecuted, fired from their jobs, profiled by law enforcement, beaten, tasered, choked and shot down in broad daylight just because they are Black or have a skin color that is not White!

I know you don’t like for me to write like this, but it’s true.

The moment when Donald Trump was elected United States president; and when racists, fascists and believers in White nationalism and White supremacy begin winning elections in America, in England and began running for office in countries like France and Germany; the people with devilish intentions in your city, in your town, in your neighborhood and around the world began to get bolder!

Don’t take my word for it. You heard the pickup trucks honk their horn at you at the intersection while drivers are giving you the finger. You’ve seen the social media posts that talked about your children, your culture, your music or your religion that were totally ignorant and made you sick to your stomach.

Obama lovers, more than anybody else, can’t go a day without hearing a non-Black person criticize, accuse or blame America’s only Black president for one thing or another.

Coming out
Yes, the “grand dragon” supervisor on your job has come out of his cave to chastise you in your workplace. The Ku Klux Klansmen in your neighborhood don’t hesitate to knock over your mailbox or drive their trucks across your freshly-mowed lawn.

And the skin heads and neo-Nazis at your school are quick to hang nooses on a tree or spread hate leaflets across campus without fear of discipline, because they know school administrators support their activities 100 percent!

How long will people of color sit back before they clap back? Not too long, because we have a new generation of young people of color that don’t like what’s going on and are not as timid, not as afraid and not as scared as their frightened and reactionary parents.

Things can improve
It doesn’t have to be a long hot summer in America and in other parts of the world. All people must do is respect each other, give everybody equal rights and justice, and realize that the color of a man’s or woman’s skin has no more significance than the color of their eyes!

If you don’t, one day soon there will be fires that world doesn’t want!  No one should want it to get too hot in their city, county or country!

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