Hopefully DeVos will have positive impact


Dear Editor,

It’s been proven you can take on a powerful position with little to no experience. Donald Trump has become president of the United States and he had no political background or experience. He was a wealthy businessman. Does that alone qualify him to become the POTUS?

Betsy DeVos is an affluent woman as well, but yet she was confirmed to be the nation’s education secretary. She has close to no experience in public education, but she has just taken on a powerful role. Although it was a close call, DeVos barely was confirmed by one vote.

Question: Is it possible to manage and take control of a high position without little experience?

DeVos is an activist from Michigan and she takes pride in having leadership and management of a federal administration. DeVos has managed over 4,000 employees and a $68 billion yearly budget.

Can she do the same in the position as education secretary?

There are 50 million public school students in this nation along with 20 million college students.

What type of change can DeVos provide? Positive change?  

The Higher Education Act is expected to be reauthorized. Within DeVos’s Education Department, some issues need to be discussed – college tuition for example.

During the presidential campaign, there were plenty of discussion about reducing the rate of tuition, specifically making college education free. However, DeVos has stated that, “There’s nothing in life that’s truly free.”

Many for-profit colleges should be investigated as well. ITT Technical Institute was shut down after allegations of fraud. Students that attended the Institute may not be prepared to secure a job within today’s economy.

As a current college student, I hope for Betsy DeVos to make a positive impact within today’s education system. I hope she is aware of the issues and discrepancies that come with this position.

I hope for improvement and more security for education. Not just higher education, but kindergarten -12th grade students as well.

A college student standing in hopes of change 


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