B-CU, Notre Dame, and ‘acceptable’ protests


Several pundits and writers have criticized graduates at historically Black Bethune-Cookman University for incivility shown during US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ speech, but have withheld similar critique for graduates from the University of Notre Dame.

What makes one protest uncivil, and the other acceptable? Why are B-CU grads jeopardizing federal support with their discontent, but UND grads aren’t charged with the same bad acts against their institution? Why did one president threaten graduates, while the other one held still?

We know the answer
The answer for all the above is racism; the way we think about it, the way we expect to deal with it, how it makes us react and others around us to react. And between these two schools, only one has suffer the indignity of having its graduates questioned about their civility or patriotism, while the other keeps its name, endowment, and advantages fully intact.

So the question of which commencement did protest the best isn’t really a question at all.

It is the school with more to lose; real and perceived. It is the school for the better refining of our all-American rage.

Hail, Wildcats!

Jarrett L. Carter, Sr. is publisher of HBCU Digest (www.hbcudigest.com).


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