Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 295

Bill O’Reilly is no longer a ‘Factor’ – It was about the money, not the sexual harassment charges. 

Fox did cost-benefit analysis and dumped O’Reilly when advertisers dumped his show, a contagion that could spread to the network. Which brings me to…

Florida legislative apologies and ‘beg-pardons’– Don’t let that Florida sunshine and the smell of orange blossoms fool you. The Sunshine State’s record of racial atrocities rivals Alabama’s and Mississippi’s. It’s just that our weather is better and we have lots of beaches, so ‘outsiders’ figure that “racial stuff” can’t happen in an area so naturally gorgeous. Go figure…

But I digress. Black legislators are fabulous at pricking the conscience of Republicans when it comes to barbaric events like the “Groveland Four,” the Rosewood massacre, etc., all of which happened with either the intentional cooperation or the “malignant neglect” of governors, judges, cops, and other state and local officials.

But to me, the “O’Reilly Factor” should be at work here. It should be ABOUT THE MONEY. 

Where’s the money for the surviving families of the Groveland Four? We all know the wrongful death statute of limitations has run and they can’t sue. But if the state can ‘apologize,’ why can’t it attempt to restore?

These families were STRIPPED psychologically and financially by the state of Florida, which has bloody corporate hands. They fought Florida’s ‘criminal justice’ system for decades to restore the reputations of their relatives. And they are STILL fighting. The state should PAY for what it did, apologies be damned.

Did the Florida Legislative Black Caucus make the case for “reparations” for these families? If y’all did, what happened? If not, why not?

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