Bar exam passage rate under 58 percent

Less than 58 percent of the people who took the Florida Bar exam for the first time in February passed the test, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners reported Monday.

Students from the University of Miami’s law school had the highest passage rate with 80.6 percent, followed by a 78.9 percent passage rate by law students from Florida International University.

Other major law schools and passage rates included the University of Florida (66.7 percent), Florida State University (59.1 percent), Florida A&M University (46.2 percent), Nova Southeastern University (55 percent) and Stetson University (51.3 percent).

Students from non-Florida law schools had a 41.3 percent passage rate. The Florida Bar exam, which is considered one of the tougher legal tests in the country, is given twice a year, with more students taking the exam in the summer.

– The News Service of Florida


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