Black empowerment today, tomorrow, forever

The presidency of Donald J. Trump has morphed into a system that seeks to promote White supremacy, better known as “Make America White Again.” His concept of how the government works is a laughing matter. His foreign policy isn’t based on working together with foreign powers to help end war and establish peace; it’s centered on the conviction of creating war.

When Trump unveiled his budget proposal, didn’t you notice that the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security received the greatest increases, while programs that benefit the average American and minorities were slashed? Trump is simply following the mandate of so many White supremacists who believe to conquer and dominate, they must tear up and destroy.

Money for rebuilding
When outside countries become war-torn, the United States is quick to rebuild them according to her standards. Guess who gets the defense contracts? Friends of politicians. In this case, it will be Trump’s associates.

Trump wants to destroy the very fabric that makes America what it is. There are those within the Republican Party who agree with Trump and his demonic policies. They will bow down to him and about his accomplishments – then hide from their constituents when it comes down to a town hall meeting.

What’s the vision of the Democratic Party? Who knows? It appears they are so busy trying to fight Trump on every issue that they have failed to create their own agenda that’s relevant to members of their party.

The Democratic Party is impotent and still plays politics as usual. That’s why many people have no respect for them and choose not to be affiliated with their corny and stale politics. Democratic Party leaders need to be on the offense and stop being reactive.

Let’s do for us
We in the African-American community cannot wait or depend on either political party to do for us. It’s time to say the hell with them and start doing for ourselves. We must own our own businesses, schools, and communities.

I’m not promoting separation; I am promoting self-empowerment and self-reliance.

The moment we begin owning and taking control of our lives through entrepreneurship, education, and political involvement, the quicker we will see change.

No longer must we strive to be liked or approved by oppressors who will smile in our faces as long as we remain “deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid.” When we become mentally, spiritually, and emotionally liberated, we can start doing for ourselves and tell cowardly, racist, and unproductive politicians to go to hell with their crooked and corrupt policies.

Let’s stop lowering our standards and work together.

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, business trainer, writer, and success coach. Contact him at


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