Democrats must dump their political messengers


00_LuciusGanttIf you don’t believe African-American voters have been sold some political snake oil, it will be crystal-clear during the term of President-elect Donald Trump!

So-called Negroes have told you election after election that our future, our progress and our hope was based on our blind support of a political party that, in many ways, seldom supported us.

Not only were our issues not supported, our causes not supported and our businesses were not supported. We were neglected, we were exploited and we were used!

GOP used to lose
It’s hard to tell sometimes, but back in the day, in most states, a Republican political candidate couldn’t win a rat race.

Now, even in areas where there are more registered Democrats than there are Republicans, conservative candidates of any political party or persuasion beat Democratic candidates like Buddy Miles once beat snare drums!

Even Stevie Wonder can see that over the years, Democrats tried their best to be more Republican than Republicans. That strategy failed miserably!

They were reluctant to stand up and speak out strongly about the issues that were important to Democratic loyalists, to workers, to Latinos, to Blacks, and to other groups that have lived and died for Democratic candidates.

Beaten everywhere
Democrats didn’t just get beat at the ballot box. They got beat in the media. They got beat in the ground game. They got beat on social media. They got beat in early voting. They got beat in absentee voting – and nearly every other way!

Historically, getting beat is an occasional thing. One party wins a few seats, and two years or four years later the opposition wins a few seats back.

The Democratic Party went on a downward spiral probably in the 1980s when in Republicans began to take over on state and local levels.

How did they do it? Republicans hired people that could deliver, people who could generate votes, and people who could help them win elections!

Didn’t matter
The GOP didn’t care what your registration or party affiliation was. They didn’t care what your economic status was. They didn’t even care what your race was. If you could help their candidates win, Republicans would hire you.

Democrats labeled their political advisors. The only hired “Democratic” consultants, Democratic printers, Democratic media consultants and professionals, Democratic pollsters and so on. On its face, nothing is wrong with that.

What is wrong is continuing to hire people election after election that insist on giving you bad strategy, bad advice, inaccurate poll data, ineffective “Get Out the Vote” operations, poor broadcast and print media, and worst of all, pitiful and disgusting message creation and distribution!

The Democratic Party can quickly turn around its political fate by hiring people who can reach both urban and rural voters, both employed and unemployed Americans, males and females, and United States voters of every race, creed, and color with political messages that motivate and inspire people to cast votes for their candidates!

Dump them!
But they must get rid of the old and employ new political messengers immediately. Democrats cannot wait until late in future election years to retain and employ new age political experts and consultants.

The best political consultants work for money. They are just as comfortable working for Democrats as they are working for Republicans or independents.

It’s all about the political message! You can’t kill the messengers, so hire them to work for the Democratic Party and the “donkey” will rise again and win again! 

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