Why the HBCU community should support Hillary Clinton


African-Americans should be eager to vote this year. Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), students, and the Black community as a whole should vote for Hillary Clinton for President. Additionally, parents should urge young millennials to support Hillary as well.

As an outspoken college president regarding civil rights, I can easily articulate that the most critical challenges facing African-Americans today center around educational issues, economic inequality, and growing injustices. Voting is the first step and a necessary condition to fashioning solutions to many of these challenges.

The right to vote is a matter of dignity and democracy. Sometimes it is important to remind each other of the significant bloody and deadly battles that were fought for such a fundamental right that should have been enforced from the inception of our democracy. In fact, we honor the legacy of those who made sacrifices by exercising this decisive right.

This brings us to the critical choice between the candidates for this all-important election on Nov. 8, that many are characterizing as one of the most crucial elections in the last 60 years.

The clear choice
In analyzing the candidates, their platforms, experiences and qualifications, Hillary Clinton is the clear choice for this nation for the following reasons:
•Her commitment to HBCUs is far reaching. Her New College Compact pledges $25 billion to HBCUs and minority serving institutions, thereby strengthening opportunities for African-Americans and other minorities to attend college. It provides that families with income up to $125,000 will pay no tuition at in-state public colleges and universities, and that community colleges are tuition free for all working families. Also, it makes debt-free college available to everyone and addresses student loan debt.
•Her pledge to protect Pell grant funding for minority students and reinstate summer Pell grants, thereby making this funding available year-round.
•Her history of supporting concerns that affect African-Americans including improved education, unemployment, civil rights, the current criminal justice system, racial injustices and other disparities in the Black community.
•Her experience with health care initiatives which will ensure that affordable health care is available for families. This is especially important since there are enormous health disparities that affect African-Americans and other minorities.
•Her platform advances an economy that works for everyone, and presents an investment in the nation’s infrastructure, thereby providing a comprehensive new jobs program.
•Her proven record of promoting and advancing women; and she will continue to tear down barriers, especially as it relates to African-American women.
•Finally, and most of all, her unparalleled credentials and experience in government, public service, law, and international affairs.

I’m with her
These are only a few of the reasons that define the choice for Hillary Clinton, and explain why I’m with her and you should be too! Hillary Clinton will build upon President Obama’s legacy and chart her own path toward issues that are important to us.

Your vote counts! Your vote matters! We have a responsibility as well as a duty to vote. In this critical election, we must vote to effect change.

No vote, no voice, no victory!

Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover is the eighth president and first female president of Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tenn. She is also an alumna of TSU.


  1. Yesterday, a young black 21-year-old mother Christian Clark killed her 17-month-old baby boy and attempted to smother to death her 2-year-old daughter, sending text messages and videos in the process. And, you “micky ficky” muh-fu . . .kas believe that you can put the “smooth” brother we elected president in 2008 and 2012, his wife, or some “anyhoo” stale rapper in our face to force our hand again with voting.


    We have reached our limit with the Democratic Party, CNN, and all those “Ja Rule” judas slip knots who with just four or five days until the election STILL CAN’T ACKNOWLEDGE HOW MUCH WE HURT IN BLACK AMERICA.

    It’s that simple.



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