The 2016 election – How Obama lost his mojo

harry alfordIt seemed to have shocked them by the millions. The Obama “Mojo” is no longer good. The young light-skinned skinny guy with the Muslim name is becoming a memory now.

He did not have to make it so. But for some reason, he wanted to get in this 2016 presidential election. He pled to people who were admiring him as something spiritual – the first Black president of the United States. That historical event crept up on us. To millions of Americans who idolized the very thought of his existence, he must never go away.

Messianic figure
He would go to foreign nations and hundreds of thousands of people would come out just to hear his voice. Many could not understand English, but they knew he had African blood – and that was good enough.

The few African-Americans that study political leaders seemed to give him a pass at each social incident. He didn’t take his family to worship anymore. Before, he was attending a “sure-enough” Black church on the south side of Chicago. I can’t overemphasize the historical highlight of his becoming an American president.

In Nairobi, Kenya there was a well-established political joke: “A Luo (a secondary Kenyan tribe) will become president of the United States before a Luo will be President of Kenya.” That joke is no longer funny.

At first, 98 percent of Blacks supported President Obama on any issue. They would consider dying for him just to get his point across. But as his Saul Alinsky style of politics became evident, more and more who idolized him became fewer and fewer.

Not American?
President Obama was a nouveau radical. That is not real Americana, but somehow he managed to keep the admiration of progressives and radicals at the same time, while not offending mainstream America.

I remember him throwing out the traditional “first pitch” at a major league all-star game. It was so awful and I thought to myself, “This guy has never played baseball. That is so strange.”

One thing I noticed about our president is that he has thin skin. He gets very upset when people criticize him about anything.

Not too long ago, the Congressional Black Caucus requested a meeting with him to talk about some hiring issues. He later lambasted them at their annual event. He screamed at them, “Stop complaining!”

He’s too sensitive to be a prudent judge or a level-headed political official. All the charismatic descriptions that he once held were fading away.

Bad decision
The 2016 election was more than party loyalty to our president; it would be the protection of his legacy. If the Democratic Party were to lose, it would be on him. So he made a dangerous decision: He would actively join the Clintons in their quest for the presidency. It was a terrible mistake.

Most of us have had enough with the Clintons, especially Hillary. He was going to embrace their baggage and say nice things about them. The scandals – felonies for common persons – will now be recognized as truthful and worthy of taking note. He put his name on them. It put his past performance into the same mud pit.

Slowly but surely, segments of American voters started to back away. The deeper the scandals got, the least likely his embrace of the Clinton candidacy would sell to the voters.

Many walked away
White males, White females, Hispanics, Asians and even Blacks started to pull away from the Clinton mystique and even the Obama mojo. My mother would say, “If you play in dirt, it will eventually get in your eyes.” Obama could not see the filth he was associating with. His judgement became impaired.

Barack Hussein Obama started to slowly slide from his “throne.” It lessened him in front of all to see. His failed deeds – Obamacare, IRS scandals, Veterans Administration scandals, unemployment failures, Hillary’s sleazy past and Bill’s legendary libido. He put his legacy on the line playing with those dirty doers. It got in his eyes.

History will give the final report.

Harry C. Alford is the co-founder and president/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

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