Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 288

00-charlescherry2Nov. 9, on the way to school – “We are gonna be alright.

“I know you’re stressed about Donald Trump winning; you’ve told me so. You’ve seen him do things and say things that you would get in trouble for if you did or said yourself.

“America is a democracy. Everybody gets just one vote. Sometimes people vote the way you do and sometimes they don’t. That’s the way it is.

“Remember how happy we were when Barack Obama won? We even went to D.C. and stood out there in the freezing cold when he was inaugurated in 2009. Wig doesn’t remember. But Chayla, you do, because you lost your favorite scarf on the National Mall somewhere.

“Well, some of your classmates and their parents feel the same way today. So expect them to be jumping with joy because their candidate won. 

“Presidents come and go. They are never as bad as you think they are gonna be, or as good as you hoped.

“But no president can control your life. Your day-to-day decisions determine your destiny.  Just keep doing what you’re doing every day.

“Have a great day! We are gonna be alright. I love you.”

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