Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 284

00-charlescherry2Hey, folks, it’s been a while!

The Democrats’ presidential campaign strategy in Black Florida –  On Sept. 28, 2012, I opined about the Democrats’ strategy to get Barack Obama reelected. Here is what I wrote then:

Basketball fans know the “four corners” was a pre-shot clock stall tactic to hold the basketball and retain a lead until the game ran out. Most polls now have Bro. Prez leading by five to 10 points, with early voting starting next week in some states.

Bro. Prez’s strategy is now to get through the debates without a major mistake, stay away from major controversies, do no press conferences or interviews with real journalists, hope the Middle East doesn’t blow up, wait for Mitt Romney to again open mouth and insert foot, and air millions of dollars of anti-Romney TV attack ads.

Next week, I’ll tell you why that strategy won’t pull Black Floridians to the polls and how Obama’s folks are still running a risky 2008-style campaign in 2012. Bro. Prez, do you really want to continue to take Black Floridians for granted? If so, ask Alex Sink and the Florida Democratic Party what happened in 2010…

A different day
Now, things are substantially different. Hillary Clinton is flawed and unpopular, even among Black voters, especially youth.

And despite her history-making nomination, the race is still too close to call against Donald J. Trump, a man with a long and acknowledged history of greed, racism, sexism, etc.

Yet, Florida Democrats and the Democratic National Committee still run the “four corners” offense in the Sunshine State.

Delete “Barack Obama” in my passage above, and replace it with “Hillary Clinton.” Delete Mitt Romney’s name and replace it with Donald J. Trump. And it’s 2012 all over again.

Hillary ain’t Obama
Democrats are running the same campaign strategy as if Obama is still on the ballot. And Democrats are expecting the same results, despite the fact that internal Democratic polls show Hillary running 10-12 percentage points behind Obama’s 2012 voting totals among Black Floridians.

Here’s a hint for non-basketball playing Democrats. You run a four corners offense WHEN YOU ARE LEADING.

It’s worse
How is 2016 even worse than 2012 for Democrats? Those millions spent this year on TV and so-called “targeted” digital advertising have had ZERO effect on Trump’s popularity, and no effect on improving Hillary’s negatives.

Some folks may say, “Charles, are you just mad because there’s no advertising in your paper?” My response? “Damn right I’m mad.” And I’m not the only small Black businessperson with a sour taste in my mouth when it comes to politics, the Black community, and money.

(Read any single installment of The Gantt Report over the last 20 years during election season and you’ll know exactly what I mean.)

I get an average of three emails EVERY HOUR from the Hillary Clinton campaign with the goal of trying to get this newspaper to publish SOMETHING-ANYTHING about her, despite the fact that their money-grubbing, election-losing consultants say Black media “has no reach.”

I get it. We reach Black audiences and influence readers as long as you don’t have to pay.  But when it comes to buying an ad, “nobody will see it.”

And it was the same way during both of Barack Obama’s campaign cycles.

Free, free, free!
Democratic leadership feels entitled to get Black votes for FREE. They hate paying Black businesspeople for ANYTHING. And if you say something about it, they try to “gangster” you and call you a “closet Republican” which, in their small minds, is akin to being called a member of Al Qaeda or ISIS.

How do I know this? Personal experience.

Our radio stations’ Federal Communications Commission licenses were threatened by Al Gore’s campaign in 2000 when we refused to put Bill Clinton live on three of our Florida stations – for free – the week before the election. I know, because I took the phone call from a DNC-affiliated lawyer.

Obama’s 2008 campaign came to our Black newspaper convention and told us to “get on board.” We said, “Buy some ads.” When we didn’t get on board, they shut hundreds of Black newspapers out of campaign advertising for most of the year. It took a sustained attack in this newspaper and a few others, and a Time magazine article saying Dems took Black voters for granted, to get them to use Black media a few weeks before the election.

Nothing again
In 2012, there was virtually NOTHING from Obama. In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s campaign hasn’t spent a dime with us thus far, with absentee ballots set to go out. But still, Florida’s TV markets will get filthy stinking RICH, as they continue to air ads that people get sick of seeing and that haven’t worked to date.

Yeah, I’m hot. Many Black voters are in an abusive relationship with the Democratic Party, and are afraid to walk away. But don’t count me in that number. I’m a FREE Black mind and a non-party affiliated “swing” voter.

So to the DNC, the Florida Democratic Party and Black Democratic elected officials, my corollary definition of insanity is “doing a different thing the same way, and expecting the same results.”

Black votes only matter when you don’t pay to get them. I got more for y’all next week.


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