The Black man’s ‘Wizard’

00_LuciusGanttEver since Satan was cast out of Heaven, the devil has been a trickster!

When your heart and soul is telling you to go left, the devil will convince you to go right. When your mind tells you to help the less fortunate, Beelzebub will tell you to help yourself.

When you feel this is the day and the time to stand up and speak out about equal rights and justice, Lucifer will whisper in your ear, “You better sit down, bow down and shut up!”

Followed the leaders
From the very first day some Africans were kidnapped from their homeland and shipped far away to America and other lands around the world to serve as slaves, many of the people that look like you made a decision to follow the devilish leaders!

Instead of sharing like you once shared, caring like you once cared, praying like you once prayed, singing like you once sang, believing in the God you once believed in; instead of believing in yourselves – many of your ancestors decided the best thing to do was follow the devil and believe in the devil!

This is 2016. This very day, Black people believe anybody and everybody more than they believe each other! The devil is truly the Black man’s (and woman’s) Wizard!

Under control
In the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” everybody in the land of Oz were pretty much controlled by the Wizard. They were told who was good and who was wicked. They were told what was right and what was wrong. They were told what was worthy and what was worthless!

Once they entered the Wizard’s castle, Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow and thousands of Munchkins heard the noise, saw the smoke and became scared to death of the almighty Wizard – until a tiny dog pulled back a curtain and exposed the tricky devil masquerading as a real wizard!

The world’s modern-day wizards are pulling bigger tricks on you than the Wizard of Oz could ever pull! The big trick today is about money.

Sit down!

The Black man’s wizard has you believing if you calm down, don’t protest, don’t question authority and don’t be a troublemaker, one day soon you’ll make a lot of money like Oprah Winfrey or Michael Jordan or LeBron James or Beyoncé!

Guess what? Those people have been carefully selected to accumulate a few assets, a media “empire,” a basketball team, a shoe deal or a record deal primarily because they can be controlled.

They can be told what to buy, where to live, who to hire, what to say, how to act and how to live.

Oprah is on the front page of the June 13, 2016 issue of the National Examiner tabloid newspaper that has a story about her $3 billion “secret life” with gold showers and toilets, White chefs, White jet pilots, treehouses and $42,000 cupcakes.

Yes, you can have a billion dollars as long as you let the devil finance it so you can spend it with other devils!

Sister Oprah is on one level; the wealthy “ruling class” are in a whole different monetary world! It took Oprah 30, 40 or 50 years to get that kind of money and she still better show up for work every day to pay the notes on all that stupid stuff.

But the smart people know that to the super-rich, a billion dollars is a drop in the bucket. And Black men and women who are wise can really get far more than that!

No clue
Some people can take one billion dollars and in 10 days turn it into $10 billion. But the people you love and aspire to be don’t have a clue about that!

They don’t have a clue because they are limited, controlled and tricked by the Wizard. They don’t even know that what they have can be taken at any moment.

They don’t believe they can be replaced by another Oprah, or a president can be replaced by another president, or a king can be replaced by another king – if they get too uppity with the Wizards!

What most Blacks see is an illusion. When they see someone with gold toilets, they think they are seeing someone with all of the money in the world.

No recognized
But the world’s really rich people are invisible. They are in the checkout line behind you at Walmart, but you can’t recognize them. They drive a Toyota when you borrow money to buy a Mercedes-Benz. They fly commercial, when you go into heavy debt to say you have a plane.

Yes, the devilish Wizards are tricky. They will make you think a little bit of money is a lot of money.

Stop listening to Drake and Nicky Minaj. Go on YouTube and listen to the Last Poets “E Pluribus Unum,” which says, “Paper money is like a bee without honey with no stinger to back it up, and those who stole the people’s gold are definitely corrupt!”

The Black man’s Wizard has you bamboozled!

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